What to do when there’s no more Business as Usual

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What to do when there's no more business as usual

Working from home? Self-isolating? Here’s some reading material while ‘business as usual’ disappears around us.

The main point I’m making: Now is a better time than ever to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central (or at least, as good as time as any).

First, let me deal with the elephant in the room. Of course, I would say now’s a good time to implement! Our business involves implementing and supporting Dynamics 365 Business Central. I’m wary of capitalising on COVID-19, however I do want to make sure we keep our customers’ businesses thriving in a difficult environment.

All I ask is that you keep reading, and judge for yourself if what I’m saying makes sense! I think it does, but then of course I would say that ?

COVID-19 has brought about a radical situation, one which is unfolding quickly. As I write this on 17 March, a week ago things were mostly normal. I was in Copenhagen in fact, speaking with Microsoft. Later that week, Denmark closed its borders. Yesterday, we were urged to work from home where we can. The latest is that we might be asked to maintain these strict measures for months, not weeks. Suddenly, ‘business as usual’, doesn’t really exist anymore.

We’re already seeing initial signs of businesses struggling, certainly in the leisure and hospitality industries. We will see businesses with cash flow issues, businesses with difficulty working from home as their systems don’t support it, and businesses who can’t get accurate insights into their data, on profitable items and most costly overheads.

I’m proposing that this radical situation demands a radical solution.

If you’ve been thinking that your business needs a new finance system: it still does. COVID-19 makes this even more relevant. Dynamics 365 Business Central has the potential to help your business weather this unpredictability.

Why? Here’s just a few reasons.

High-quality, advanced reporting linked to Power BI. One of the number one reasons we have customers coming to us is because they can’t get accurate reporting data. Which items are most profitable? Which service lines should they keep? Where are costs the highest? Business Central natively connects to Power BI so you can get improved quality reporting. This could be an important factor when the going gets tough.

Cash flow forecasting. If your business is having to make every £1 go further, it’s crucial to know when cash is flowing in and out the business. When do customers need to pay you, how long can you defer payments to suppliers? Will you have enough cash in the bank for VAT, and salaries? Dynamics 365 Business Central has cash flow forecasting capabilities built in to try to help with this prediction.

Reduced manual processes to make more of the existing staff you have (and allow the processes to be done from home). One of the other main reasons customers come to us is disconnected systems and manual processes. There’s no point having paper invoices sitting on a desk waiting for approval, if the FD is self-isolating. Move to Business Central and get your approvals moved to the cloud, web-based and digital.

Fully cloud hosted, browser based and available on mobile. This one might not help you if you’re out landscaping gardens, or pulling pints, but it’s worth noting that even business where operational staff can’t work from home, there’s a chance the back office can. Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t need a server, a computer, or an office. It’s all on the cloud, hosted by Microsoft. This means your teams can stay safe, at home, but the business can keep running and keep the staff paid.

And why Bam Boom Cloud? Here’s a few more reasons.

We deploy 100% remotely. If your office staff are at home, we can still host Microsoft Teams meetings to handle kick off calls, data calls and training. We don’t need to physically see one another to build a great relationship and give you a great system. Not to mention we won’t be impacted by self-isolation.

We deploy fixed price, fixed scope, with super low up front costs. Most finance systems are scope-led, clunky affairs. We don’t do it that way. We’ll jump on a qualification call with you and find out which of our ‘packs’ of functionality you’ll need. We’ll send over a proposal and spread the costs over a 6-12 month payment plan. When cash is tight, our solution won’t push your businesses too hard.

You can be live in a month. Our approach is to get you live quickly. We’d prefer you to be live with a minimum viable product and build from there (learn more about how MVP builds are the best way forward by downloading our MVP E-Book guide here).
We don’t need long to implement and we want you live within a month of signing up with us (if that timescale works with you). You can be realising all the value we outlined above, within 4 weeks of going live.

We’re SMB experts. And we’re an SMB ourselves. We know what it’s like to feel this uncertainty. A lot of the time our consultants will spend with you over Teams meetings, will be on training and making sure you can get the best out of the system. We want your business to see success in this difficult time.

And finally, why now?

You might be finding your calendar emptying in front of you. No customer travel, no face to face meetings. Finally, you’ve got that time you always wished for, to focus on the business. Why not make your first action to get a new system sorted out. You could be live before this whole thing blows over.



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