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What is the Time Saver Pack and how could it save you time?

By April 21, 2022No Comments

Our Time Saver Pack is designed to help identify and remove all those annoying, time-consuming manual jobs that hog your team members’ time, freeing them up to get on with other tasks. But how does it work? Here’s a breakdown of how we’ll work with you to improve your business processes, free up your resources, boost efficiency and save time with custom automations…

Who would benefit from using the Time Saver Pack?

  • Are you manually processing incoming emails and logging details into excel?
  • Do you keep track of which enquiries you’ve responded to?
  • Are you handing paper around or scanning paper-based forms for common tasks such as holiday approvals?
  • Are you wasting hours hand-cranking data or on manual processes?
  • Do you find yourself with a whole bunch of paper documents or reports to sign off every so often?

Then our Time Saver Pack could be perfect for you!

Why use our Time Saver Pack?

Our dedicated team of experts will work with you and your team to identify key tasks that can be automated to improve your first line workers’ output and optimise processes by utilising Microsoft Power Platform.

Whether it’s replacing data entry tasks with automated workflows, replacing excel sheets with simple forms or replacing manual excel reporting with interactive, attractive self-service dashboards there’s a huge number of ways our experts can help improve your processes and save you and your team precious time.

We can help reduce repetitive processes that add little value to your business, enabling your staff to work on more valuable tasks. It’s time to free up your resources, boost efficiency and save time with custom automations.

So how does it work?

We’ll work with you and your team to identify any painful long-winded or manual processes that take time and look at opportunities to automate some or all of these which, in turn, will free up staff so their time can be put to better use.

Once we’ve identified your pain points, we’ll plan out a roadmap for how we’re going to use the Microsoft Power Platform to tackle each challenge and work with you to prioritise each item so you can see the benefits as soon as possible.

The pack is an annual subscription paid monthly which comes with three levels, each giving an amount of time for us to spend working on your automation journey so we can pick the most cost-effective pack for your needs.

-Steve Strang, Technical Specialist, Bam Boom Cloud

Here’s a complete breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. A FREE consultation call with you and your key team members to chat through some examples of what the time saver pack can do, your initial thoughts on tasks or processes that take up a lot of time or those that are very manual and how we can help.
  2. Demo and intro into what Microsoft Power Platform is and how it has helped others, and more importantly, how it could help your specific processes.
  3. We develop a tailored road map, prioritising areas which will save you and your business the most time and which of our time saver packs we feel most suits your needs.
  4. The cost is spread over 12 monthly payments, which gives you a dedicated pool of time for your projects that you can use as needed, meaning there’s no need to have a separate automation support or training pack: the time can be used as required until it’s all used up.
  5. An annual follow-up consultation when it’s time to renew to go through your journey so far and look for areas that can be improved further or new challenges we can work through should you renew for another year.

How could the Time Saver Pack be used?

Here’s some examples of the many ways we’ve helped customers already:

  • A customer required their staff to take daily covid tests and send them in so the firm could record the results. Each employee was emailing their results in every day and then the staff member in charge was spending several hours monitoring the mailbox and manually entering each result into an Excel sheet. We were able to automate this using Power Automate so as each email arrives, the result is automatically logged in Excel freeing up that resource for 2+ hours per day.
  • Another customer was using Excel to manage enquiries from their customer base and manually assigning tasks to team members. We were able to replace this with a Power App that logs the tickets and allows them to be assigned to team members and updated as they work on them then feed into a Power BI dashboard for reporting. This has saved time and also improved the reliability and traceability of the information.
  • Sunshine Support’s process for setting up new clients took them over an hour in admin. By automating their process for new client forms with Power Platform, their hour-long manual process has been reduced by 92% to just 5 minutes. Now, they receive a notification when the process is complete – this is as simple as it should be!
    See how we helped Sunshine Support

Stop wasting time with old ways of working – it’s time to invest in yourself and your business and get things done efficiently! Bam Boom Pow! 👊🏾

– Jordan Lake, Infrastructure Manager, Bam Boom Cloud

What will it cost?

We offer three levels of Time Saver Pack, and we will advise you on which of these best suits your requirements after your initial free consultation call. All packs run for 12 months and are charged monthly. This includes a number of hours each month which can be used as needed throughout the year to work on your time saver journey. All three packs represent a discount on our standard project rates, giving you the best value for your time saver journey!

The first level is the Small Time Saver, which includes 2 hours per month (24 hours per year) and costs £240 per month.

The middle level is the Medium Time Saver, which includes 4 hours per month (48 hours per year) and costs £440 per month.

And last but definitely not least is the Large Time Saver, which includes 8 hours per month (96 hours per year) and costs £780 per month.

Extra hours can be purchased if needed at the equivalent hourly rate for the pack you select. If you renew after 12 months, any unused time from the previous year can be rolled into the next year.

From our point of view, it’s hugely satisfying seeing the difference it makes to our customers when these systems are implemented and the amount of time that it saves them.

– Steve Strang, Technical Specialist

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