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3 Top Tips For Real Life Team Collaboration – Ebook

By February 28, 2018June 15th, 2021No Comments
Top Tips Teams eBook PKF Cooper Parry IT Solutions

Learn how companies have refocused their workplace culture using Microsoft Teams to compete in an information-intensive, fast-paced and interconnected world, where innovation happens in real-time.

Top Tips

  1. Move from an email-only culture to more rapid, flexible communications with instant messaging, social networks for work, video conferencing, and voice-to-voice calling.
  2. Foster innovation with collaboration tools such as virtual meetings, social networks for work, file sharing, and co-authoring that connect internal and external teams around the world.
  3. Let employees use the mobile devices they prefer and they’ll be more productive. Office 365 works on a wide variety of devices and different operating systems.

Read the eBook and discover:

  • The four traits of companies that have adapted their workplace culture to empower employees with flexible, fluid ways to bring products and ideas to life faster.
  • How a recruiting company is gaining an upper hand in the competitive talent staffing market by using instant messaging and real-time, cross-geo collaboration to find and place talent across the globe.
  • How a multinational brand leader established a culture of collaboration across its workforce, helping to eliminate redundancy and accelerate decisions.
  • How an insurance company empowered its global, mobile workforce with the ability to work together seamlessly, with consistent productivity and collaboration experiences across devices.

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