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Top Tips for a successful Business Central Implementation

By April 21, 2023No Comments
Top tips for a successful impementation

With 100s of Business Central implementations under our belt, we like to think we know what it takes to ensure switching to a new system is smooth sailing. But it’s important not to underestimate what’s required to make sure that your implementation stays on track and your system works exactly as it should from day one.

Bam Boom Cloud’s approach to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed specifically for small businesses. We advocate for starting small with just the essential features, then adding extra functionality over time as your business grows. No matter what industry you are in, there is rarely a need for scoping or bespoke development while your business is small.

Having the right software will save you money in the long run and support your business’s growth. Your team will be more efficient and productive, your data will be better utilised, and your processes will be more secure. A recent Microsoft study proved that small business that embrace technology grow faster, and investing in the right technology is one way to protect your business in times of economic uncertainty.

In this blog we’ll highlight some of our top tips for ensuring that a new system implementation is successful. You’ve already invested the time researching the right system and picking the right partner – don’t fall at the final hurdle!

  1. Check the plan
    A consultant-led implementation with Bam Boom Cloud starts with a kick-off meeting. This is where the project timeline is agreed, and the key dates set. Make sure the timescales work for you and your team, and that all relevant stakeholders are aware and supportive of the plan.
  2. Do your homework
    Just like packing boxes to move house, you need to get your business data ready for the move. This is a really important step, and one that a partner cannot do for you because you know your data better than anyone else. It is also a good opportunity have a clear out and archive any data you don’t need.
  3. Prepare your team
    Training is essential to ensure your team can use the new system effectively. Bam Boom Cloud offer comprehensive training, and we encourage customers to identify a superuser in their team to act as the point of contact throughout the implementation – someone who can be a Business Central champion and help us ensure the project stays on track and user adoption in their wider team is successful.
  4. Testing, Testing
    Before your system goes live it is crucial that you test the setup. This is perhaps the most important step, and where too many implementations go off track – it’s is an absolutely critical stage that cannot be skipped! You need to validate the data and workflows to ensure they are accurate and reliable.
  5. Go live with confidence!
    Ensure all relevant stakeholders are informed and ready to use the new system. Monitor the new system closely over the first few weeks to ensure it is all running smoothly. Make the most of the support available to you to make sure any issues are resolved as soon as they appear.
  6. Grow with your new system
    After a few months you should be settled in. It’s a good time to start thinking about what’s next and making a roadmap for how to expand the system to support your growing business. With Business Central you can add extra features as a phase 2 implementation or look at relevant ISVs – third party add-ons that can offer functionality such as expense processing, document capture and additional reporting.

Download our Implementation Guide for a more detailed overview of the Bam Boom Cloud consultant-led implementation process. We also offer a self-guided implementation for customers who are confident in their requirements – check out Launchpad for Business Central here.


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