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Top 5 viewed blogs on the ERP Software Blog in 2022

By December 16, 2022December 22nd, 2022No Comments
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Can you believe it? We’re already counting down the days that are remaining in 2022! If you are looking for some easy-reading during the holiday season, here are our 5 top most viewed blogs from the ERP Software Blog over the past year.

#5. Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central

September 2022

This blog talked about our favourite features in Microsoft Business Central. It’s not every day that you hear cool and accounting system in the same sentence, but we really believe that these are some of the coolest features that Business Central has to offer to make it easier for users in their daily tasks.

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#4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Implementation: Ask Yourself ‘Which Features Do I Really Need?’

February 2022

We outlined in this blog some key questions you should ask before you implement a new accounting system. We see a lot of firms who get all excited that the system CAN do all of these different features without thinking twice if they really NEED these features. If you are going to be shopping for a new accounting system in 2023, this article should be a must read.

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#3. Have You Calculated the Cost of Not Switching ERP Systems?

April 2022

We often hear that people decide not to purchase a new system because of the cost, but have you taken the time to calculate what it costs you in time by not switching systems? This article will help you calculate what might be your annual cost of staying with a system where you have so many manual entries.

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#2. How do QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Compare?

March 2022

When comparing systems, it is important to look at it as if the new system offers the functionalities that will help you advance your system, rather than just changing for the sake of changing. This is why we put together this comparison guide as many people ask us what the key differences are when looking at Business Central as a replacement to QuickBooks.

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January 2022

People are often surprised by how quickly we can get Business Central up and running and this is because we believe in companies starting small and adding features as they need them, instead of implementing everything you think you may need in the future on Day 1. This not only makes the implementation more costly, but it also makes the learning process just that much longer.

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Happy reading and we look forward to answering any questions you may have when purchasing a new system in 2023!

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