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Technology is changing the way people get things done. We’ve picked up the pace. Our work is more collaborative. And we’re blurring the boundaries of time and place. Microsoft asked customers why they continue to choose Office for their most important work, the feedback was that they love the power the Office apps have to offer.

The breadth and depth of features is unmatched in the industry and allows them to do things that they just can’t do with other products. But they also tell us that they need Office to adapt to the changing environment, and they’d love us to simplify the user experience and make that power more accessible.

Microsoft have answered your wishes and are making your user experience even better. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook UX updates will be rolling out gradually over the next few months. These changes are inspired by the new culture of work and designed to deliver a balance of power and simplicity.

Office is used by more than a billion people every month, so while Microsoft are excited about these changes, they also recognise how important it is to get things right. To guide the task, Microsoft came up with “The Three Cs” – a set of guiding principles that we use as a north star. Because these principles will make this process feel different than any previous user experience update, we thought it would be useful to share them with you.


Using a customer-driven innovation process to co-create the design of the Office apps. That process consists of three phases: initial customer research and analysis; concept and co-creation; and validation and refinement.


Customers love the power of Office, but they don’t need every feature at the same time. We want our new designs to understand the context that you’re working in, so you can focus on the job at hand. That means surfacing the most relevant commands based on the work you’re doing and making it easy to connect and collaborate with others.


Recognising that established skills and routines are powerful—and that the way someone uses the apps often depends on specific parts of the user interface. So we want to give users control, allowing them to toggle significant changes on and off.

Simplified ribbon

A new, updated version of the ribbon is designed to help users focus on their work and collaborate naturally with others. People who prefer to dedicate more screen space to the commands will still be able to expand the ribbon to the classic three-line view.

It’s the details that make up the design and we think it’s awesome that Microsoft are continuing to look at design in detail helping to make your life easier and allow you to do more.

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