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Streamline your Sales Processes with Sales Professional

By January 20, 2023No Comments
Sales Pro CRM Blog

If your business has outgrown its current processes for managing sales opportunities and customer relationships, it might be time to consider moving to a dedicated customer relationship system (CRM).

In this blog we’ll highlight the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Professional (we shorten that mouthful to ‘Sales Pro’) can help. Sales Pro is Microsoft’s CRM solution for small businesses.

Remind me what a CRM is…

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems help manage all your customer data and improve sales performance. CRM solutions come in all shapes and sizes, starting from Excel spreadsheets, all the way up to enterprise-level systems like Salesforce.

CRM systems help businesses manage their interactions with potential and existing customers. A good CRM system gives quality insight into customer behaviour and needs, which in turn can drive improvements in customer communication, customer satisfaction and ultimately, increased growth and sales.

Why do I need a dedicated CRM system?

Most small businesses start off tracking customer interactions in a spreadsheet (Bam Boom Cloud included!). However, as your business grows this very quickly becomes unmanageable and getting any sort of useful reporting or data insights is a challenge to say the least.

A CRM system has numerous benefits compared to that ever-growing Excel sheet:

  • Improved customer communication, and subsequently better customer relationships.
  • Better data and reporting.
  • A complete view of leads and sales, helping you identify opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Increased productivity – free up your teams’ time by automating tasks and improving access to data.

What’s special about Sales Pro?

If you are a small business looking for your first standalone Customer Relationship Management system then Sales Pro is ideal. Microsoft designed Sales Pro specifically for small businesses and their needs, so it talks to your other systems and is intuitive and easy to use.

We love Sales Pro for many reasons, read on below to find out more about our top features:

  • Automation: Sales Pro can automate and streamline time-consuming tasks such as lead tracking, customer relationship management and forecasting, meaning that your sales team can spend more time selling. To give just one example, you can save time by templating and automating your customer quotes.
  • Reporting and AI: Sales pro offers reporting and analytics to help spot opportunities and help drive growth. It also uses Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to offer lead scoring, automated emails and more.
  • Flexibility: Sales Pro is super flexible. You can very easily configure the view to suit your business’s specific needs and hide any areas you don’t use.
  • Cloud-Based: As a Microsoft cloud-based product, Sales Pro is available on any device, from anywhere. You can also be confident that your data is secured by Microsoft’s world-leading security policies. You can also set different permissions for your team’s access to the system.
  • Integrated with other Microsoft applications: Sales Pro integrates with all your existing Microsoft apps. The Outlook integration is particularly useful – it can automatically track all communications with a lead or customer and your whole team can view these interactions in Sales Pro. No more chasing colleagues about the status of a lead!

Want to know more?

Bam Boom Cloud offers Sales Pro implementations as part of its Microsoft Dynamics offering. You can find out more on our website here, or take a look at a recent case study:

The implementation process was very smooth and straightforward. We now have a wider database for both clients and suppliers, and we are able to track the various stages of a project much more easily and clearly

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