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Cyber security training & awareness

simplified through intelligent automation

cyber security awareness training from CPIT


Cyber-crime gets smarter every day, so if you can’t keep up with the new, tricky ways it operates, you’re always going to be at risk.

This is why Bam Boom Cloud believes ongoing Cyber Security Awareness Training is critical, but it can be boring right? We’ve carefully chosen an engaging, simple platform that’s interactive and jargon free with real-life scenarios… with bite-sized automated training and risk scoring to protect your business.

IT gurus with accounting training


Our interactive training courses powered by uSecure, provide full training and testing to make sure your business and staff are fully up to speed with all the latest security issues.


Risks are everywhere, and your employees should be your strongest line of defence.

Start empowering your employees and keep your business safe and secure.


Drive secure user behaviour with automated security awareness training.

Deliver bite-sized video and interactive security awareness training, tailored to each user’s unique vulnerabilities and managed by intelligent automation.


Monitor and reduce user vulnerability
to sophisticated phishing.

Learn how susceptible your users are to ultra-targeted spear-phishing campaigns,
or enable continual simulations and monitor vulnerability trends over time.


Identify & safeguard users who are exposed on the dark web.

uBreach monitors thousands of data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums, locating exposed email accounts that could easily be exploited by attackers.


Simplify your policy processes & strengthen your compliance efforts.

Eliminate the hassle of traditional policy management. Centralize your documents, automate user eSign requests and track policy approvals with ease.

Risk Score

Understand your organization’s human risk level with behaviour-based scoring.

Understand your organization’s human cyber threat level with a comprehensive risk score, combining a range of metrics into one ongoing rating.

Personal security score

Over 90% of security breaches are caused by human error. Bad news.

gchq approved security training from Bam Boom Cloud

From phishing emails and fraudulent payments, to sharing sensitive data and “exactly where were you going to leave that laptop?” – security awareness training is about educating your people and giving them the know-how to play their part.

This Security Awareness Training is part of Bam Boom Cloud’s Security managed service plan.

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