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Riding the Wave 1 Release. Business Central Updates in April 2023

By March 24, 2023No Comments

Bam Boom Cloud CTO Steve Brooks takes us through his top 10 features from Microsoft’s latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) update.

Watch the video update here:

Twice a year, Microsoft releases update announcements for Business Central. Wave 1 is announced in March and the new functionalities rolled out to users between April and September. Wave 2 is announced in October. The complete list and timeline for the Wave 1 release can be viewed on the Microsoft website here.

There are over 50 new updates coming up and some of these are real game changers that have been on our BC wish lists for a while. These updates will not only make life easier for our clients, but there are also lots of less visible updates taking place on the back end of BC that will help us better support our clients. Win-win!


  1. Business Central, In Teams, for free
    This is the big one. Complete read access to all BC data in Microsoft Teams. It’s been possible to share BC data in Teams for a while but only with other BC users. Now you can share BC data in a read-only format in Teams, with colleagues who don’t have a BC license. Setup and access permissions have been simplified with an assisted setup wizard so the whole process is much more straightforward – increase collaboration while still maintaining complete control of who can view the data.
  2. Intercompany Setup
    Intercompany functionality has been part of BC for a long time, but Wave 1 simplifies the setup and brings it all into one place. The chart of accounts can be copied from the standard chart of accounts, and you can clearly see what has been configured and what has not. The new setup wizard helps make sure you’ve checked off all the essential tasks off to ensure the setup works perfectly the first time you turn it on.
  3. Analysis Mode
    This is a completely new piece of functionality akin to creating pivot tables in BC. You’ll see a new analysis button on every page, but analysis mode lends itself best to ledger entries. This really is a game changer that will enable more in-depth reporting from within BC and we can’t wait to have a proper play around with the possibilities!
  4. Master Data Management
    There’s a new Master Data Management Setup wizard that means that setup data you choose from one company can be automatically transferred into another, including master data. This is particularly useful for businesses who have groups of companies and want to keep data in sync. You can copy across everything, including dimensions, vendors, items, customer data etc. and there’s really granular control in terms of the fields you want to copy across.
  5. Statistical Accounts
    Statistical accounts are completely new and enable businesses to significantly improve their analysis and reporting of general ledger data from within BC. Statistical accounts let you add a number-based statistical value to a separate ledger – useful for company data such as employee numbers or office size, so you can calculate revenue per employee or costs per square meter. It’s a clever piece of functionality that offers a lot of scope for improved reporting.
  6. More Countries!
    With every release, new countries are added to the list of BC-supported countries, and 31 new countries have been added in Wave 1 2023. For companies operating across multiple countries, this increase in localised support and availability is crucial.
  7. Adaptice Cards in Teams
    You can now include more BC data in the cards you post in Microsoft Teams. For example, you can create Power Automate flows to post a notification in Teams – such as when a customer has exceeded a certain balance. This means you can collaborate in Teams for longer, without having to keep switching between Teams and BC.
  8. Better Approvals
    This is part of a wider focus on improving the integration of Power Automate with all Dynamics 365 applications. You can now use Power Automate in BC to create more advanced approval workflows. Approvals are now supported on mobile devices, through Teams and chains of approvers can easily be created.
  9. Business Events
    This development allows users to build workflows and apps using Power Apps and BC without the need for a coding background. A series of new ‘business event’ triggers has been added to help create more advanced workflow configurations. For example, you could create a workflow when an invoice is posted that will post a notification to Teams and send an email to the customer. You can use logic-based workflows to easily create more complex flows specific to your business.
  10. More user-friendly errors
    This may be an odd one to include in the top 10 but this is a really useful development for productivity. Instead of getting a cryptic error message, BC now gives you more details about the error and suggests a resolution so you can carry on working.

We’re so excited by the updates coming in Wave 1 that is was difficult to narrow it down to just 10. Here are a few other features that have made our BC consultants very happy:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Wave 1 release, or if you have any questions, please get in touch – we love talking all things Business Central!

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