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Business Central reporting.

Advanced real time reporting to drive your business decisions.

Business Central, all the fundamentals covered.

What’s included as standard?

• Standard Financial and Operational Reports – e.g. Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Aged Accounts, Payable/Receivable, Inventory Valuation etc.

• Customised User Profiles & Role Centres

• Reporting Dimensions for Analysis – e.g. Cost Centres, Customer Groups, Product Groups, Salesperson, Project No etc.

• Custom General Ledger Reporting via Account Schedules

• Seamless Excel Integration

• Saved Views from all List Pages

Jet Reports

Jet Reports what is it?

Custom detailed reporting via Excel. See more on our Jet Reports page.

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Who is it for?

The finance/operations teams or anyone who isn’t technical, knows how to use Excel and needs to extract the data in a custom way.

Perfect for management reporting.

How do we get stared?

The Jet Reports Foundation license package includes 1 designer and 5 viewers (refreshers).

All the training is delivered via their website free of charge.

What is Power BI?

KPI-driven dashboard reporting. See more on our Power BI page.

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Who is it for?

Highly-visual reporting across ALL your systems.

It’s for stakeholders and the wider business that need insights from the data.​

How do we get started?

We’ll set you up and show you the ropes with our Power BI Intro Pack.

It’s £3,500 and includes our pre-built payables, receivables and stock reports. There’s the choice of more training for a little extra too.

Want to read more?

Of course you do! Download our free business reporting ebook.

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