Sunshine Support increase automation and productivity with Bam Boom Cloud

“We now have a completely automated system which will save us hours of admin.”

Samantha-Jane Smith – HR & Business Support Manager – Sunshine Support

We help Sunshine Support reduce new client setup time by 92% with automation tools.

Sunshine Support provide information, advice and support to parents, carers and professionals of children and young people with Special Educational Needs to ensure they receive advice and guidance from trustworthy experts.

They provide access to independent SEND professionals whose specialisms cannot usually be provided through local government and health authorities.

The challenge.

Sunshine Support’s process for setting up new clients took them over an hour in admin.

The solution.

By automating their process for new client forms with Power Platform, Sunshine Support’s hour-long manual process has been reduced by 92% to just 5 minutes.

Now, they receive a notification when the process is complete – this is as simple as it should be!

“Just no obstacle was too big, friendly helpful and professional- not to mention patient!!!”

Samantha-Jane-Smith – HR & Business Support Manager – Sunshine Support

Benefits of modern workplace solutions.

• A completely automated system.

• Hours of admin time saved.

• More time to focus on what really matters.

Working with the team at Bam Boom Cloud has been seamless. We now have a completely automated system which will save us hours of admin, a friendly, helpful and professional team I would highly recommend.

Samantha-Jane Smith, HR & Business Support Manager

Samanthat-Jane Smith - Sunshine Support

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