Millennium Point switch to Business Central with CPIT

“From the installation team, to the support team, you have been really, really helpful, and the go live was very straightforward.”

Aidan McDonnell – Management Accountant – Millennium Point Property

Millennium point switch from sun systems on their own server, to the cloud with dynamics 365 business central.

Millennium Point is a unique landmark in the heart of Birmingham. The home of ThinkTank (Birmingham’s science museum) and Birmingham City University, as well a range of commercial spaces and cafes.

Unlike most commercial buildings, Millennium Point is owned by Millennium Point Charitable Trust. As a landlord to commercial businesses, and events spaces, they put the profits back into the community, in order to give back and support science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) related projects, initiatives, organisations and individuals across the West Midlands.

Millenium Point property move to Microsoft Business Central with CPIT

Millennium Point were previously using Sun IT systems, all based on a central server in the building itself. However this was overly complicated and expensive, with the team only using around 20-30% of the features. So they came to us to help move them to the cloud, and move to a more streamlined, slicker and cost effective alternative.

We worked closely with them to understand what issues they were facing with their existing systems, what they wanted from their ideal system, and then rolled out BC for their business.

Microsoft Business Central was the perfect fit for what they needed, and as they were already using M365, the integrations between the two systems was a perfect match.

The challenge.

Millennium Point were using Sun System stored on a local server in their building.

Not only was the system vastly over complicated and expensive for what they actually needed, the fact it was all on a local server just added to the costs.

They wanted to move to a new system that was better suited to what they actually needed, reduce the complexity and slow processes for their team, reduce costs, remove the server costs and move everything to the cloud.

Dynamics 365 Business Central was the perfect solution.

The solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was the perfect solution for Millennium Point. As they already had Microsoft 365 across the business, the integrations between the two systems allowed them to drastically increase their productivity, whilst keeping the same user experience and UI which made it an easy transfer for the staff to use.

With the integration of Jet into Business Central, hooking into Excel, it made it quick and easy for even non finance staff to use, and create reports and templates for all departments.

• Roll out of Dynamics 365 Business Central

• Large cost savings by moving to the cloud and removing the server for their old on premise system

• Quick and easy reporting with Jet Reports integrated into Business Central 

• Integrations with M365 to speed up productivity and workflows

• A much faster and simpler system that even their non finance teams can use

• A tailored system that gives them the features they need, without extra complications they don’t use that add on extra costs

“There were lots of technical issues and frustrations around the previous system. With Business Central it’s been very smooth and receptive from all departments. The usability and the way non-finance people are able to use it has been great.

We went into year end a month after go live. That’s a good litmus test if your year end runs smoothly and everything’s gone well.”

Aidan McDonnell – Management Accountant – Millennium Point Property

Reducing complexity & moving to the cloud.

By moving to Business Central, the new system was all accessible in the cloud, so they were no longer tied down to an on-prem system and the associated server and infrastructure costs of their old systems.

Integrations with Microsoft 365 and Office, with added Jet Reports integrations allowed the entire team to work much more efficiently with a user experience they were already used to.

All backed up by our tech support team to provide support whenever they needed it.

Aiden McDonnell talks about why Millennium Point moved to Microsoft Business Central

“From the installation team, to the support team, you have been really, really helpful, and the go live was very straightforward.

The installation with Rachel and Tom was really good. I had extensive phone calls with Rachel before we went live and we tried to cover as many bases as we could. In terms of support as well, questions have been answered very, very fast.

I’ve spoken with people from different businesses who have recently had new systems installed, and the the stark difference between how ours has gone, and theirs had gone, I think that is a testament to the way Bam Boom Cloud go about their level of work and effort put into the installation.

So if I had to say how how our experience was, IT WAS FLAWLESS.”

Aidan McDonnell – Management Accountant – Millennium Point Property

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