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“Moving from quickbooks to business central has been fantastic. With its m365 integration & automation it’s taken away a lot of the monotonous day-to-day transactional work.”

Jamie Sleigh – Director & Co-Founder – Indeloy IT Solutions

Indeloy IT Solutions move to Dynamics 365 Business Central after outgrowing Quickbooks.


Indeloy IT Solutions are a value added Software and Hardware IT solutions company. Helping businesses with their IT and equipment needs, maintenance, secure data erasure, licenses, support and more.

Indeloy were previously using QuickBooks, which suited them fine for basic finances, but it lacked the depth of features needed for selling a high volume of products, and couldn’t keep up with their business needs. So they came to us to find a solution.

Bam Boom Cloud worked with Indeloy to move the business to Dynamics 365 Business Central giving them all the functionality that their business needed, which was currently being held back by the limitations of QuickBooks.

As a new company, they wanted to move quickly, and as cost effectively as possible. After receiving some eye watering quotes from other vendors, the realised our rapid turnaround MVP build with KickStart was perfect for what they needed. 15 days later, they were up and running with Business Central, with a package tailored to their exact needs, implemented at a fraction of the cost, and in a much shorter time frame.

The challenge.

Indeloy had rapidly outgrown the limitations of their current system QuickBooks. They needed a new cloud based ERP that could help them manage their business selling high volumes of products, something QuickBooks wasn’t designed to do.

As a small business that was less than a year old, they were looking for a cost effective solution that could be up and running quickly without months of down time for the business. And it needed to be future proof, something that could grow with the business when they needed to add new features and functionality.

Say hello to KickStart™

The solution.

The rapid implementation times, and affordable costs of KickStart™ made it the ideal solution for them. As Jamie knew exactly what features they wanted to get started with, it meant we could tailor a Business Central implementation for them much faster and more cost effectively than other vendors.

Business Central offered them all of the features and business management tools they were missing. From accounting to managing large numbers of orders, requisition to pay process, quote to order processes, customer details and reporting all at their fingertips. And all in the cloud so they can access this anywhere on any device. The Automation tools and integrations with the full Microsoft 365 suite was the icing on the cake.

• Rapid implementation of Microsoft Business Central in just 15 days

• Huge cost reductions with KickStart™ over competitors quotes

• Integrations with the full Microsoft 365 suite the business was already using

• Slicker process for moving from quotes to sales, all of which can be done through Outlook itself

• Automation of monotonous day to day transactional process hugely increased productivity

• Ability to handle high volume orders

• Access to reporting and information from anywhere, on any device

• Great looking and smart tool, familiar to the Microsoft eco-system

“ We were using QuickBooks which did the job for financial records, but it lacked the depth when you’re in an IT environment selling equipment in high volumes, it’s just not designed to do that.

Microsoft Business Central is a great looking and smart tool, and the big selling point is the investment Microsoft made into the automation integration with M365.

The ability to really take away a lot of that monotonous day-to-day transactional work, to make it easier,  and make it more automated, really, really jumped out at us.

The tool itself does all the things you want it to do, the whole requisition to pay process, quote to order process, it keeps your customer details, it runs reports ,you know it has everything that you need at your fingertips. And the nice thing about it being cloud-based as well is you can get it anywhere on the go which is fantastic. It all just makes you life running a business remotely so much easier. ”

Jamie Sleigh – Director & Co-Founder – Indeloy IT Solutions

Automating day to day transactions.

One of the key selling points for Indeloy, was the automation that is built in to Business Central. With integrations into Microsoft 365, they have been able to increase their productivity, by being able to move from quotes to sales all within Word, maintain contacts and customers, integrate with Excel and get real time reports on any device. Resulting in a huge boost in productivity.

Jamie Sleigh - Indeloy Director

“ When we were going through an evaluation process with a couple of vendors, we’d had some fairly sizable, fairly scary quotes come back. Hearing you could get us up and running within a week to 15 days with KickStart™ was music to my ears.

From the first call we made it very clear that we’ve been around the industry for quite a long time, we’re very familiar with these types of tools and systems. The really nice thing was that you actually listened to that and went, right, we don’t need to sell you a two day powerpoint presentation on how to  project manage this solution and we don’t need to do this, that, and the other, which you typically get all that extra padding in those solutions. So it was nice that you guys just went, right okay let’s get straight down to business, let’s do the training, let’s do the implementation. I was really impressed with that. ”

Jamie Sleigh – Director & Co-Founder – Indeloy IT Solutions

“We took stock after a couple of days and realised that we actually needed some extra features on top of what we first thought we needed. We had a chat with you guys about it midway through, we were able to flex the project. The end date actually stayed the same, so we were still able to complete on the original date and get the extra training and the extra functionality added.”

“It was just just very well organised, very seamless and a very friendly service really. I’m a very customer focused person and I pride myself on doing the best I can for customers, and I think that’s one of the first things that I’ve been really impressed with with Bam Boom Cloud, you’re a very customer focused, customer centric company. You guys were spot-on from our point of view.”

Jamie Sleigh – Director & Co-Founder – Indeloy IT Solutions

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