“Having instant access to all our data from multiple ilke homes locations, on multiple devices anywhere in the world has been a massive benefit to us.”

Joel Andrew – Implementation Analyst – ilke Homes

Ilke homes transforms its business data access with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

ilke Homes is pioneering the future of homes, creating high quality, energy-efficient modular homes using advanced manufacturing and precision engineering at its 250,000 sq ft factory in Yorkshire.

As a rapidly growing business, Ilke Homes needed to move from spreadsheets and paper to a fully managed ERP system as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

CPIT help ilke homes move to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Bam Boom Cloud rolled out a rapid implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central with its KickStart product allowing ilke Homes to get up and running rapidly. The scalability of Business Central via KickStart allowed it to get started with a minimum viable product, and build and expand as the company grows. For the first time, ilke Homes can now access all of their information from multiple sites, on any device, at any time.

The challenge.

Historically the business has operated through emails, spreadsheets and lots of paperwork, but as a rapidly growing business operating from multiple locations this was holding back growth.

So it was time for a new solution.

The solution.

The flexibility and scalability of KickStart made it the ideal solution. The rapid MVP implementation of Business Central was rolled out so Ilke Homes could move to Business Central as quickly, and cost effectively as possible.

Starting off small with only 2 users and implemented the basic accounting functions first. As their knowledge of the system grew they implemented more and more features from purchase ledger and stock, right through to manufacturing and warehouse scanning. Now they have 40+ users using Business Central everyday.

• MVP build of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

• Cash savings from better material flows and management

• Data accessible anywhere, any time and on any device

• Purchase ledger, stock, manufacturing and warehouse scanning

“Having instant access to all our data from multiple locations, on multiple devices anywhere in the world has been a massive benefit to us.

There’s very few systems at this level that are as scalable if you need a couple of users to sign up to begin a small-scale implementation and do something really, really basic. But with Bam Boom Cloud KickStart and Business Central you can do that. If on the other hand you’ve got 150 users that you want to transition from your current systems, you can do that as well, it’s just as easy whatever size environment you’re working in.”

Joel Andrew – Implementation Analyst – ilke Homes

Cash savings, efficiencies & growth.

By utilising the features of Business Central to pull all the data in electronically, from multiple sites to the cloud, and having that accessible on tablet, phone or laptop, from anywhere in the country at any time has transformed how the business runs. Hugely increasing efficiency compare to the old way of printing of emails, signing paper documents and using spreadsheets.

“We’re in the process of implementing into production, and one of the benefits that we’re foreseeing achieving through that is much better material flows, which will be a huge potential cash saving.”

Joel Andrew – Implementation Analyst – ilke Homes

Joel Andrews ilke Homes
Dave Sheridan, Executive Chairman ilke Homes

“We chose Bam Boom Cloud because we needed a partner who understood what we were trying to achieve. We carried out a beauty parade of multiple firms and Bam Boom Cloud demonstrated that they had the skills and the techniques that we wanted, with a unique offering of Microsoft Business Central.”

Dave Sheridan – Executive Chairman – ilke Homes

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