CPIT increase Derby County Community Trust's IT security and team collaboration with M365

“Bam Boom Cloud’s Red Hot Teams Culture apps have provided a lifeline to support the collective mental health of 125 employees through the challenges COVID-19. Driving the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate through remote working.”

Simon Carnall, Head of Community, Derby County Community Trust

We roll out Microsoft 365 and our Red Hot Teams Culture apps to help Derby County Community Trust as they work to enhance local communities.

As a local charitable institution, Derby County Community Trust uses the power of football to improve lives through sport, physical activity, and education.

After a recent phishing attack and security review, Bam Boom Cloud rolled out a range of security systems, including identity management, advanced threat protection, data loss prevention and device security.

We also helped to increase engagement with their people through implementing M365 Premium, Microsoft Teams and our Red Hot Teams Culture suite of apps. This has helped everyone across the different departments collaborate, keep in touch and work better remotely, especially with the remote working challenges that Covid-19 raised.

The challenge.

SECURITY. The Trust hold a lot of personal sensitive information; a recent security review highlight several vulnerabilities.

ENGAGEMENT & COLLABORATION. Engagement was low, there was a lack of understanding around how people were feeling.

MICROSOFT TEAMS. They had Teams but it wasn’t being used.

The solution.

Bam Boom Cloud was well positioned to help with their Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance packs. Each pack replaces repetitive and costly discovery sessions with one-off, fixed-price, fixed-scope bundles that address 95% of customers’ security and compliance needs with:

• Identity Management

• Advanced Threat Protection

• Data Loss Prevention

• Device Security

The Trust purchased all four packs and decided to upgrade from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 Business.

Bam Boom Cloud’s own Red Hot Teams Culture, a collection of 5 engagement apps addresses Microsoft Teams adoption and people engagement.

• How you doing?

• Idea Box

• Cheers for Peers

• How’re we doing?

• About me

The Trust signed up to Bam Boom Cloud’s Adoption Plan 1 managed service which also includes an Office 365 Digital Enablement Solution and Support.

“Bam Boom Cloud’s Red Hot Teams Culture apps have pivoted with our organisation taking them from a lifestyle choice to engage our 125 employees into a lifeline to support their collective mental health through the challenges COVID-19 has presented us with. The changing attitude towards working remotely has driven the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate.

The strain on the mental health of our colleagues is something we have recognised and the Red Hot Teams apps have given us an alert point to enable us to fast track mental health and psychological support to staff in emotional crisis.”

Simon Carnall, Head of Community, Derby County Community Trust

Safety, engagement and collaboration.

• Increased safety, for the personal information the trust holds with enterprise-level security.

• Opened up a move to Teams, improving on their previous email-only collaboration model. Users can now work together in one place, use Teams chat and video to support each other more quickly.

• Improved engagement, How you doing results have increased from an average of 6.3/10 each week to 8.9/10 meaning their employees are collectively over 40% happier!

“To know that we can work remotely, safely, and know that the data is protected is brilliant. It means we can do more, to deliver more programs, impact on more people and deliver more outcomes for the city and the county.”

Simon Carnall, Head of Community, Derby County Community Trust

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