“Power BI is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to see real time information.”

Vivienne, CFO, Belvoir Farm Drinks

We help Belvoir Farm Drinks access real time data from anywhere at anytime.


Belvoir Farm Drinks are a premium soft drinks brand. Their team work hard to produce a range of natural, delicious, and refreshing soft drinks and cordials.

The challenge.

Belvoir Farm Drinks previously used Sage as their accounting software. Transactional data from Sage was downloaded to Excel to create sales analysis including the weekly sales updates.

This was labour intensive. The Excel file became large, complicated, and prone to error. Also, the sales update was only available once a week.

Belvoir Farm Drinks needed real time and more reliable information, produced efficiently so that they could reduce their reliability on Excel spreadsheets.

The solution.

Since moving to Microsoft’s accounting software Business Central and implementing Power BI, the Belvoir Farm Drinks team now have access to real time sales information that is updated at least 4 times a day. This can be compared to budget, forecast, and the previous year’s sales. This is all accessible through Power BI, anywhere, anytime, and without the need for anyone to manually crank an Excel spreadsheet in the background.

They have been able to extend their use of Power BI to collect sales forecast information prepared in Excel by customer and by product. It is now consolidated into one singe report enabling the sales forecast to be used to support Business Outlook, supply chain planning and manufacturing.

Benefits of Power Platform to Belvoir Farm Drinks:

• Access to data anywhere and anytime

• More regular updates to real time sales data

• Removed time consuming manual process

“ The implementation process was fabulous.

We worked closely with Steve Strang, who is very knowledgeable, to design the outputs needed. The reports are easy to use so rolling out to the business was easy.

I find it useful to talk through our processes with Bam Boom Cloud to explore opportunities which can help us become more efficient. ”

Vivienne, CFO, Belvoir Farm Drinks Homes

An expandable system.

Since implementing Power BI, Belvoir Farm Drinks have added an additional feature that allows Power BI to collate 50+ Excel sales forecast sheets which has helped improved efficiency and productivity.

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