Atrato Capital move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with CPIT

“I would definitely recommend Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s an agile system that can grow with any business, and helps drive business growth.”

Anne-Marie Wynter – Corporate Accountant – Atrato Capital

Atrato Capital move to Dynamics 365 Business Central to help manage their rapidly growing business.

Atrato Capital are an investment adviser specialising in the alternatives space, and the grocery and supermarket sector. The Atrato team bring a wealth of experience of acting as adviser, arranger and principal for asset-backed, non-correlated investment opportunities and they are Investment Adviser to Supermarket Income REIT.

Marie-Anne came to us looking to setup their own internal systems. Previously they were using external accountants and were completely reliant on their systems, and what they could produce for them. They needed to establish their own internal systems to help manage the growth of the company, track their numbers and have the information they needed to act quickly on live business data.

Bam Boom Cloud worked with Atrato to roll out Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central across the business, giving them a fully self managed, internal system to help them better track the core critical business data, reports and use this as a kick off point to grow the business.

The challenge.

Atrato were using external accountants, so they were reliant on what reports and data they could put together and get over to them.

As the company was growing rapidly, they acquired a lot of assets which meant many millions on the balance sheet.

With the accounting system being managed externally, it made it difficult to manage and grow the business without real time visibility on the business critical information.

Say hello to Business Central.

The solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was the perfect solution for Atrato. They needed an agile system that was fast to setup and cost effective, and could be managed entirely in-house by their team, rather than having all their data tied up with an external partner.

Business Central meant they had clear visibility on the numbers and could delve down into the business critical information. Allowing them to see real-time information on how the company is performing, and use the reporting to really focus on growing the business further.

• In-house access to all their business critical date with Dynamics 365 Business Central

• Instant access to real-time reports and information

• Ability to access their information anywhere, on any device

• A cost effective, rapidly implemented system

• The data insights they need to grow their business

• An agile system that’s future proofed, allowing them to add new functionality as the business grows

“I definitely would recommend Dynamics, I think it’s a system that can grow with any business.
It’s quite agile, you’ve got other functions that you can add to it, so you wouldn’t feel that as your business grows you need to replace it. It’s that dynamic that you can actually work with the business growth and add on more functions when your business needs them.”

Anne-Marie Wynter – Corporate Accountant – Atrato Capital

The tools they need to grow the business.

With instant access to real-time reports in Business Central, Atrato now have the tools and data they need to focus on business performance and growth. No more chasing reports from external accountants and their outdated systems, they have a fully managed in-house system that is agile enough to grow with their business, and can add on new features when the business needs them.

All backed up by our tech support team who are here to help anytime.

Anne Marie Wynter Atrato Capital

“Bam Boom Cloud are brilliant, I’m going to be very honest here. The guys have been massively supportive.

As you know a new system in any company has its kind of twists and turns, until you find your way around how it works for yourself and your business.

However having the team you can call on at any time, they’re very quick to respond and I’ve got pretty familiar with a couple of them. You almost have them on speed dial which is lovely. They’ve been extremely supportive.”

Anne-Marie Wynter – Corporate Accountant – Atrato Capital

Could Microsoft Business Central help your business?

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