ABL switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central with CPIT

“Dynamics 365 enables us to have real live information right from the get go. At the flick of button it’s given us the information that we need to make key decisions.”

Paul McKenzie – Financial Director – ABL

ABL switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central to gain better insights into their business performance.


ABL help businesses by providing anything that lives on or around your desk. This includes monitor arms that let you position a monitor at eye level and then on desk power modules. Their moto, “We just try to simplify things.”

They started way back in 2003 as a family business and in 2015 were subject to a management buyout. In the UK they have about 30 staff with a warehouse team in Serbia where their manufacturing is based and this employs 50 staff. Then they have their own finance team.

CPIT help ABL move to Microsoft Business Central

We suggested Dynamics 365 Business Central to ABL because we felt that being already on the Office 365 platform they were already familiar with Microsoft technology. And what they needed was a business system that would work right from the sales process right through to producing the management accounts all integrated into the one single platform.

The challenge.

Their work-flow before Dynamics 365 was lacking. They had two different systems that didn’t talk to each other. There was never a total picture in one area and it was very difficult to try to piece it together retrospectively.

The key features they were looking for from their new project was the ability to generate reporting almost in real time so they could understand what was going on in the business and react that much faster.

The solution.

We implemented Business Central into ABLs business, so that the whole team had access to all their key management reports, data and sales information. All centralised into one core system that everyone from sales to management could access on any device, wherever they were.

This allowed them to better manage their business, and make business critical decisions that the real-time data reporting of Business Central provided.

• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation

• One centralised data and information location

• Access to all information remotely on any device

• Real-time sales and management reports

• Full cloud ERP to run the whole business

• Increased customer service

“Being able to have that visibility, we can check on a phone or check on a tablet for the right, up to date information. So rather than having to go back and make a phone call or send an email to the office, we’re informed of the customer and can give them the service they need then and there while we’re with them.

The expectation for ABL is just onwards and upwards.”

Adrian Marston – National Sales Manager – ABL

Increased customer service, business reporting & visibility.

By using Business Central as their core ERP system, the whole team have access to real time information for the whole business.

From sales to customer service, to management, this allows for better and quicker customer service, better stock and cash flow management, to in-depth business reporting to help with growing the business.

Paul McKenzie - ABL

“We just felt it was the right fit working with Bam Boom Cloud as they had given us good advice and provided us with an excellent level of service.

Our onboarding process has been really easy as there’s a familiarity there for our staff with Office 365. From day one, even if you had very little training, it feels familiar. So Dynamics 365 has really driven our customer service forward because our sales guys at the front end are able to look at real time information in terms of stock availability.”

Paul McKenzie – Financial Director – ABL

“It connects the two sides of their business together. From the outside sales team to the inside office working. It’s a completely smooth, cloud based platform that allows them to use it out on the road or when they’re sat at their desk in their office.”

Vicky Critchley – CEO – Bam Boom Cloud

Vicky Critchley CPIT

Could Dynamics 365 help your business?

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