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Our Team Across the Globe

By April 12, 2022April 22nd, 2022No Comments
Our Team Across the Globe

Bam Boom Cloud aren’t just a global team with over 120 people across the world, in 6 different countries and 4 continents. We are a Bam-ily. We act and feel like a family who genuinely care about each other. We look out for each other, support each other, and never judge. Not only do we want our people to feel at home here, but we want them to feel at home in themselves. That’s why our core values echo our commitment. We don’t profess to be perfect, and we know that as a business we are navigating our way by being honest, true and authentic. No gimmicks, just our commitment to be better for our people, our customers, partners and communities.

Joining Bam Boom Cloud has been one of the best decisions ever for me. I have never been made to feel more welcome, and I have met so many amazing people already. I feel so proud to work for Bam Boom Cloud.

– Amy Fantom, Partner Engagement Manager, United Kingdom

We are immensely proud of the people who have come out of their shells and are able to feel more comfortable in themselves. And we are humbled by the eye-opening personal stories that have been shared from people, such as Amy and Martin, who have opened up about their personal challenges with autism and dyspraxia.

Since joining Bam Boom Cloud I have been amazed by the forward-thinking inclusive culture. Every day I see colleagues moving out of the shadows, fulfilling their true potential and realising their true value! It is so refreshing to see, and it really makes a difference.

– Gareth McKee, Senior Customer Engagement Manager, Ireland

I’ve been with Bam Boom family only a month, and things I read about people, messages from Vicky and others. It’s truly inspirational! All that unconditional kindness and people, who naturally care about one another – no matter who you are, where you’re from, even my accent… haha! People out there talk about this. But here, at Bam Boom Cloud, we breath and live it. I’ve lived and worked in many countries (Estonia, Finland, USA, Canada) in the past 3 decades or so, and I have to say, this is home. Thank you for letting me be part of Bam Boom Cloud.

– Airi Ifinedo, Business Central Consultant, Canada

Since lockdown with remote working, improving our mental health is more important now than ever, so we are encouraging interactions and where we can, face-to-face interactions. One way we’ve managed to bring our Bam-ily together is with our UK and North American parties and a group trip in India for everyone to meet face-to-face. As we’ve had many people join since lockdown began, this was the first opportunity for many of our people to meet, which has immensely improved the dynamic between the group and individual relationships, as well as making everyone more comfortable with one another.

North American Team Get Together!

Towards the end of last year, the North American team got together for the first time since being set up in March 2020! It was amazing to see our North American Bam-ily having face to face contact! We hope you all had an incredible time 💚

I get to work alongside these incredible people, and I was lucky enough to hang out with them!

– Vicky Critchley, CEO, United Kingdom

Bam Boom North America Team

India Team Get Together in Leh-Ladakh!💚

In September, the India team got together and finally met each other face-to-face. They travelled together to Leh-Ladakh, had an incredible time riding camels on sand dunes, and enjoyed each other’s company around a bonfire.

The journey to Leh-Ladakh was incredible. It was a once in a lifetime dream for us. These mountain ranges were our companions through most of our trip. It was worth enjoying the beauty of the nature by being on top of the world. It is only at Ladakh one can be at risk of sunstroke and frostbite at the same time because of the extremes of the temperature. We enjoyed the camel ride on the sand dunes, ATV ride and beautiful evening with a bonfire. It was such a great experience to visit Ladakh.

People are great. But there’s people who you get together with, and you talk, and you go away feeling energized, you feel inspired. I felt the same on this trip. It was nice to have a get together after a long time. We enjoyed it a lot.

– Vidhan Sharma, Development Team Leader, India

I love the way Vicky’s built the supportive and inclusive culture here at Bam Boom Cloud since day 1. It’s great to see it continually develop, especially with everyone sharing their own experiences. It really brings everyone together from different backgrounds, different struggles, and makes us all feel more of a family (aka Bam-ily!).

– Mark Holland, Head of Digital, United Kingdom

From Army reserves to Geography graduate. From personal trainer to pumpkin farm owner. From a love of watching First Dates to a love of sci-fi. Our people are all different and we love and appreciate everyone for who they are. It’s time to celebrate people’s differences rather than hire and nurture business drones. From sharing experiences to opening up about personal challenges with mental health. We are glad to be able to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to be who they are and genuinely care about one another (regardless of their geographic location). We are so proud of our global team and the things we have accomplished and will continue to accomplish together! World domination, here we come 😉

Together we are strong. Together we will grow strong fast.

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