Old IT systems driving you mad? Switch to Business Central in just ONE WEEK!

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Old IT systems driving you mad? Switch to Microsoft Business Central in one week with KickStart

Taking the leap to new business critical software needn’t be a nightmare!


We’ve all been there, stuck using outdated systems that cause us headaches, the slowness makes us rip our hair out, getting them to talk to other systems is nigh on impossible, and getting data and reports when you’re out of the office for the whole team? Not a chance!

But the thought of moving business critical systems to a new platform gives us nightmares… months of downtime, huge costs, complex setups, training new staff, will it work with all our different bits of software? So many unknowns. So many risks.

The stress of moving to something new often means it’s ‘better the devil you know’.

All the talk of ‘the cloud’, ‘mobile working’ and ‘modern workplace’ remains a mythical goal in the sky.

“ONE system to run your whole business from accounting, orders, stock, warehousing, communication, staff and project management? That’s bound to cost a fortune and take months to setup!”

Just the thought of the process to get there is so overwhelming you stick with what you know, no matter how much it might make you want to throw your machine out of the nearest window.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We’ve been working with SMBs for decades, from both an accounting and tech background.

We see these same concerns, and same problems that businesses like yours face when you’re stuck using outdated systems like Sage, or maybe you’ve moved to a basic cloud solution like Xero, but it just can’t keep up with the pace that your business is growing.

The thought of completely changing your core IT structure can be scary as hell.

That’s why we’ve created KickStart.

It’s a revolutionary new system designed specifically to overcome these problems of long downtimes, and long-winded transfers to new systems. We take the headache out of moving to a single, future-proofed solution that is designed to grow with you as your business grows.


From working with many different software solutions over the last few decades, we’ve tried and tested all the big names, and seen what works best for our customers.

The clear leader in the market right now is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it’s a one stop system to manage and run your entire business and the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

With KickStart we get you configured, setup, trained and up and running in just one week!

The process is simple, just get in touch to book in your start date, and your week’s schedule runs as below.

Your KickStart Calendar - switch to Business Central in just one week!


  • Monday – We setup your system in the cloud and import your data from your provided Chart of Accounts.
  • Tuesday – We provide your first training day.
  • Wednesday – We test your systems.
  • Thursday – Your second training day.
  • Friday – Final testing and Go-Live setup

BOOM! Just like that, you’re live with your new system and ready to take on the world.


Not as much as you’re thinking!

KickStart is created specifically for new users looking to switch to a future-proofed solution that can grow with your business, at the cheapest price possible to make it open to as many businesses as possible.

So we start with just the features you need. And you can add on new features, functionality and packs as and when you need it when your business grows.

There’s no big contracts, setup costs or servers needed. Just a small deposit and low monthly payments per user.


Ready to kiss goodbye to your old, outdated or limited systems?

Head on over to the link below to find out more and get ready to super charge your business growth!



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