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Office 365.

Digital enablement system.

Make the most of what you’ve got.

Office 365 is an amazing suite of applications that if used correctly can transform a business. The reality though is that most businesses only use a very small percentage of the Office 365 tools available to them.

At Bam Boom Cloud we’re passionate about adoption and making the most of what you have but not only that, doing it in a way that’s intelligent business outcome focused and doesn’t interrupt the day to day work that just needs to happen.

So what would you think about an Office 365 learning platform that gets users using Office 365 to achieve business outcomes, improve processes and enhance job functions by attaining and maintaining new digital productivity skills?

That’s just what this carefully chosen platform does…

Unlock Value at Massive Scale.

Across job functions

Across departments and industries

Across digital productivity suites

Enable the ROI promise of your digital productivity suites

Boost productivity, create digital heroes.

Enable organisation-wide digital productivity

Build user confidence and drive change that lasts

Measure success by doing, not just consuming information

Overcome resistance & embrace technology to the fullest

Digital enablement in the flow of work.

Always-on engagement at the moment of need

Seamlessly integrates into the workday without disruption

Continually evolving with business requirements

Continuous system of measurement, personalisation & engagement

This Office 365 Digital Enablement System is part of our Adoption managed service plan which means you’ll have access to and receive reporting to ensure that your users are making the most of it and in turn Office 365, business transformation at your finger tips!

Measure & Evaluate
Powered by data intelligence

• Tracks progress on skills and outcomes, providing personalized and organizational analyses of usage.

• Captures your unique needs based on actual measurable behaviours

• Provides progressive levels of mastery: User, Producer, & Master

Engage & reward.
Powered by the experience engine

• Provides support and encouragement that makes enablement fun, exciting and personally rewarding

• Motivates users by unlocking achievements and achieving measurable outcomes

• Earn data-driven industry-recognized badging and certification to continuously verify skills are always up to date and in use

Personalise & guide.
Powered by Ai, MI and Bots

• View full skill development overviews with targeted recommendations based on profiles and persona

• Provides users with highly tailored activities, skills, outcomes and pace

• Always on 24/7 engagement that meets you where you are