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New Feature Spotlight

By February 12, 2019October 15th, 2021No Comments

Exporting your business data to Excel

In the latest release of Business Central Microsoft brings a brand spanking new feature enabling you to download your data into Excel.

The main advantages of this new feature are:

  • Pop all the filters into Business Central first so you can just download the data you need
  • Those filters on data and columns mean a rapid download into Excel
  • You’ll have a stand-alone Excel file with no links back to Business Central

We all know how powerful data analysis is in Microsoft Excel so this new feature is a very welcome addition to Dynamics 365 Business Central. There’re loads of benefits to exporting like the ability to share your business data more widely across your business. You can also utilise Excel’s fab chart generation tools and pop in conditional formatting to see trends in your data set or organise it for great visual representations.

It couldn’t be simpler to get your data into Excel; just apply filters on your records in Business Central. Make sure you’ve got all the columns you want too as these will skip over to Excel too. Click on the ‘PAGE’ then ‘OPEN IN EXCEL’. An unlinked Excel file will rapidly download ready for you to do your Excel whizz magic on. There’s no link back to Dynamics Business Central so you can be confident that anything you do to your data stays in Excel and makes no changes to live business data.

Have a view of our quick animation to see the few clicks you need to make to export your business data to Excel.

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