Business Central set to get EVEN MORE EPIC

Since launching Dynamics 365 Business Central Microsoft have been tweaking and refining functionality continuously from your user feedback. Their promise for the stuff coming out this year is to totally enhance current customer satisfaction. Great news for our current Business Central clients and for those out there frustrated with their current ERP give us a call.

What is Microsoft taking to the next level?

Productivity for users

Whether you are using the web interface in your browser or the Windows App for desktop for Business Central you’ll see productivity improvements. For speedy data entry and analysis more keyboard features have been enabled. You’ll be able to sort lists, navigate around data fields and groups all using keyboard functions that you are used to in Microsoft products.

You’ll also see that there’s a new Open in Excel option for better usage of filtering in your exported excel files. Auto-save has been switched on too meaning you can move around speedily without worrying about hitting save all the time.

Having completely personalised menu action options and groups that are the ones you use most all set to your preferences will undoubtedly see you move around Business Central more efficiently.

Dependability for businesses

Microsoft are investing heavily in boosting performance, reliability and scalability of Business Central across the platform and business application.

When you’re working in your browser with Business Central you’ll see a far more responsive system. Resources have been optimised for fast user interaction and on-demand page element loading. The database has been tweaked and tuned to handle way more data than ever before and to load it super-fast. Speedy is the name of the game with these improvements.

Upgrades will be scheduled to suit individual companies so that users are never interrupted by system maintenance during business working hours. Because no one wants to sit drinking coffee all day!

Security is a major advantage of Business Central; the Microsoft security team work tirelessly behind the scenes to safeguard your data. The improvement of security infrastructure and processes ensures Business Central continues to meet a variety of security and privacy compliance standards (read which ones here Your business data is in very safe hands.

AI for the future

Microsoft continue to put resources and investment into the future as they are fully committed to the benefits of AI and Data. In their words ‘The only platform that will matter in the next decade is the data platform and the only cloud that will matter is the AI cloud.’

Business Central’s data will give the insights needed by businesses and with automation on those intelligent insights you will uncage your business potential quickly and smartly.

Update questions?

We’re very excited about these updates from an IT and accounting point of view. If there’s anything you’d like help with or more information on just get in touch via hello@pkfcooperparry.comor give your account manager a buzz.

If you want to jump aboard the Dynamics 365 Business Central train get in touch with us for a demo. Drop us an email at

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