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Paul Woodhouse from Sandicliffe talks about how they used the ‘downtime’ of lockdown to accelerate their change and development, & how they adapted to remote working.

Who’s Paul?

Paul Woodhouse, Managing Director, Sandicliffe

Paul Woodhouse is the Managing Director at Sandicliffe, an East Midlands based regional Car Dealership Group. The business represents the Ford, Mazda and Nissan brands and offers a full range of automotive services, including new and used sales for car and commercial vehicles and the full range of after sales care.

When the country went into lockdown, how did your business react to being able to work from home?
What did you do well, and what could have been better?

” We’ve always been a business that constantly evolves and adapts, and we moved very quickly in making the changes that were needed. So I’d say we adapted to the situation very well.

As we had previously implemented M365 and Sharepoint, it meant we already had a great IT infrastructure in place to allow us to manage and operate remotely as we went into lockdown. Having access to our systems and data over the cloud allowed us to rapidly adapt to team members working from home.

One of the issues we did face was running into some delays with 3rd parties which was out of our control and slowed the pace of adoption.

What’s your personal opinion on productivity when working remotely?

” So long as there is regular contact with the mother ship it can work well, communication between the teams and different departments is key to making it work smoothly. Having the right tools in place for this makes a huge difference. Since CPIT helped us move to M365 & Sharepoint, it’s given us the ability to have access to everything we need remotely.

With less travelling for the team, it cuts down ‘dead time’, which means we can actually be more productive in terms of the time we work. 

I think remote working can work well, but it very much depends on the role. “

Has the pandemic altered your IT strategy in anyway?

” It has not fundamentally changed the strategy but the “downtime” allowed us to speed things up. We were keen to make a positive out of the lockdown and railroad a lot of the changes we had on the horizon through in a quicker time. “

Do you think that your business will return to “normal” eventually or has it changed forever?

” At Sandicliffe we never stand still as a business, we’re always adapting and changing the way we do things. This will continue long after Covid, and is something that keeps us innovating as a business.

As a leader in IT, what’s your advice to other companies if we have a 2nd wave of lockdowns?

” It is looking increasingly likely that we will have a 2nd lockdown, however it will be different to the first. Without knowing exactly what it looks like it is hard to give advice or know exactly what we would do.

But my advice would be to make the most of the environment you are faced with and embrace the opportunity to change. For us that extra ‘downtime’ was the perfect opportunity to roll out changes we’d had planned for a long time.

Sandicliffe are one of the leading Midlands car groups.

Sandicliffe started 70 years ago in Nottingham, and has grown to include 10 dealerships across the East Midlands representing Ford, Mazda, Nissan and approved used cars and vans.

Whether you are looking for a new carnearly new or used car, or servicing, their dedicated team of professionals will take the time to find the right car for you at a competitive price.

Award-Winning for Best Customer Care, Best Customer Offers, Best Online Consumer Experience, Best Marketing and Most Environmentally Aware. Sandicliffe ensure your experience is exceptional every time.



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