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Claudia Yorath from Creaseys talks about how they managed their remote working due to lockdown and used MS Teams to support their people and clients.

Claudia Yorath - Creaseys

Who’s Claudia?

Claudia Yorath, Head of People, Creaseys

I head up the People Team and the Support Team at Creaseys.  I love my role and I love working for Creaseys!  Our Vision of having a Happy Team & Happy Clients = A Great Business inspires me every day.

Our business structure and culture gives me the opportunity to be creative and innovative in my role, take ownership of my accountability, and do all of this while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

When the country went into lockdown, how did your business react to being able to work from home?
What did you do well, and what could have been better?

Luckily we had just finished rolling out new laptops to everyone that didn’t have a laptop in the business, and we had upgraded those still on windows 7 to windows 10.  Because of that it was a smooth transition, everyone just picked up their laptop and started working from home!

The team reacted really well and quickly got used to the new way of working.

What we did well was to create RDS and Teams and other useful help sheets with very clear instructions so the team had some user guides if they were stuck.  We also asked our team leaders to check in with their teams every day to begin with, to check they were ok and could work effectively. 

What’s your personal opinion on productivity when working remotely?

Working from home is a completely different dynamic to working in the office, the feedback we have received from our team is that they saved time in some ways, but other things took longer, because for example the systems can be slower and you don’t have quite the same workstation as in the office.

What has been really positive for us, is that our key measurables have stayed on track and the business is strong. 

Has the pandemic altered your IT strategy in anyway?

If anything it’s made us realise how much more we can get out of IT, like Teams, which we weren’t really using before so from that point of view it enhanced our current IT one year plan because we’re now looking at further enhancing our use of certain software, like Microsoft Teams.

Do you think that your business will return to “normal” eventually or has it changed forever?

Definitely changed, and lots of positives have come out of that!

On the flip side, not having our Creaseys community together in our offices is a shame, but there is no point looking back to yesterday, we were all different people then. So we are now using different forms of communication and other initiatives to bring our team together remotely.

As a leader in IT, what’s your advice to other companies if we have a 2nd wave of lockdowns?

Don’t panic, communicate with your team, be there for your clients, be open and honest, work hard, provide a great service, and reward your team, even if that’s just a thank you.

Creaseys are an accountancy firm like no other.

The difference isn’t what they do, it’s how we do it. Creaseys dedicate themselves to working with ambitious individuals and business owners that want to share their challenges and aspirations.

They get close enough to understand your bigger picture, combining market-leading expertise, proven processes and genuine passion; creating the perfect team to make a difference to their clients businesses and personal lives.



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