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Microsoft Partner of the Year – Why we’re proud, and what it means for you.

By July 9, 2021March 28th, 2023No Comments
Microsoft Partner of the Year - what it means to us. Bam Boom Cloud

One gold, two silvers. Not quite a match for the 2,500+ medals the USA has won at the Olympics, but we’re sure beating Luxembourg!


Forced, early Olympics reference out the way, I am proud that today we are adding Microsoft Partner of the Year for Business Central 2021 Finalist to our mantelpiece, alongside our 2019 win and 2020 finalist awards.

I wanted to take a moment to explain why we’re so proud. And why, as a customer, partner, or prospect of Bam Boom Cloud, should you care? Beyond perhaps just being mildly pleased for us? After all, how hard is it to get on the finalist list anyway?

The competition

To answer those questions, let’s first give some context. There are over 65,000 Microsoft partners globally, with 7,500+ joining Microsoft’s Partner Network each month.

Each and every one of those partners is trying to do the best by their customers, aiming to deliver great quality service and support. To stand out in that crowd is already pretty tricky.

One way to stand out is to become a Microsoft Gold Partner – we have 6 Gold competencies too – but, even then, over 4,400 Gold Partners enter the Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.

3 years in a row!

To have been recognised three years running from such a phenomenal group of other partners worldwide, is a massive achievement for us. And of course, thank you to the team, our partners, our customers and Microsoft!

Another reason we’re proud? 3 years in a row! While we’d have loved to have won each time, I think it speaks volumes that we’ve won and been shortlisted for three consecutive years. No other partner I’m aware of has had that level of recognition. It demonstrates our continued commitment to Dynamics 365 Business Central and to our strong focus on innovation and improvement. We’re active in the Dynamics community and work with customers and partners to continually improve how we do things.

So what does this mean for you?

Finally, and most importantly, what does it mean for you? If you’re a prospect of Bam Boom Cloud, then we’d like to think it gives you some comfort that you’re looking at a trusted partner. If you’re already a customer – thank you – and we hope to continue to demonstrate that we’re working with your best interests in mind, always trying to improve what we do. And finally, if you’re one of our partners, know that we’ve built out an award-winning partner to partner (P2P) model that gives your own customers access to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Where from here? 4 in a row? We’ll certainly try! Whether we achieve it will be down to how hard we push, how well we work with our partners and customers, and how we continue to innovate how Business Central is sold, implemented, and supported. Roll on 2022!

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