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Dynamics 365 Business Central training.

Dynamics 365 Business Central training like no other!

We take you through a Business Central crash course to arm you with everything you need before the go-live date.

What’s included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training?

The Kickstart™ programme includes two days of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training for small and medium sized businesses. This training aims to prepare your team to use Business Central in a practical way that works for your business, ultimately making processes more efficient.

Our Business Central training course spans two days within the Kickstart™ week. In the course, we cover everything you need to know, from basic navigation and user interface to data inputting and reporting.


Day One.

We start with the very basics on day one, giving you the foundations to take Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by storm!

The course content includes step by step guides for key areas and functions of the Business Central software so you can start to take advantage of the system right away.

Day one covers:

Introduction to Business Central

Creating and maintaining static data

Posting Groups, General Posting Setup, VAT Posting Setup

Processing Sales Quotes

Processing Sales Orders

Sending Sales Documents for Approval (if applicable)

Creating an invoice from Sales Order

Creating and Posting a Sales Invoice

Reviewing Sales Ledger

Processing Purchase Orders

Sending Purchase Quotes or Orders for Approval (if applicable)

Creating and Posting a Purchase Invoice

Reviewing Purchase Ledge

Day Two.

Now you’re no longer a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central novice.

Day two of Business Central training dives deeper into the system’s functionalities to develop a sound knowledge of Business Central before you put it to good use. By the end of the second training day, you will know how to use every core area of Business Central.

Day two includes:

Using General Journals

User Setup posting periods

Testing Review

Using Recurring Journals

Bank Accounts



Enhance and add additional functionality after Go-Live

Creating and Posting a Purchase Invoice

Reviewing Purchase Ledger

We don’t stop at training.

Training for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the first step, but there’s lots more that needs to be done to make sure your software is ready for you to use.

That’s why our Kickstart™ package includes implementing data and system testing too. While you’re learning how to use Business Central, our team ensures that the system is in full working order and ready for launch day.

While we’re setting up your Business Central account, we give your team a “sandbox” company to train and practise on, allowing you to get familiar with Business Central in the interim.

What is Kickstart™?

KickStart™ was designed for businesses that want to make a swift transition to Business Central.

We’ll get you configured, set up and trained in 1 week!


We get your Business Central account and system created and configured in the cloud.


Set up

You import your Customers, Balances, Accounts, and Data so your business is all set up and ready to go.



Consultant-led training is provided for your super users, so you’re ready to roll on Go-Live day.

Why do I need Dynamics 365 Business Central training?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the most user-friendly ERP systems on the market, but an ERP system is complex by nature due to its wide range of uses and functionalities.

So, it’s essential that users fully understand the software and its capabilities before they get started so they can make the most of the ERP system.

Our training starts with the basics for complete beginners, so even if your organisation has never used an ERP before, your team will hit the ground running. We can also tailor training for those moving across from another system, like Dynamics NAV or Sage 50.

Plus, the best part is that training is completely free with the Kickstart™ package, so you have no additional costs to get your team up to speed.

Some of our recent client stories.

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"I can definitely recommend Business Central, it's a great product and does everything we need. We've had a great relationship with Bam Boom Cloud and have already recommended them to other companies.”

Bam Boom Cloud help Belvoir Farm Drinks roll out Microsoft Power Platform

Belvoir Drinks

"Power BI is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to see real time information.”

Bam Boom Cloud help Funeral Partners power up their reporting with Power BI

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"The platform has the potential to transform the way our finance team works."

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