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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Power of AI with CoPilot

By April 14, 2023No Comments
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & the Power of AI with CoPilot | Bam Boom Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Power of AI  

Microsoft recently announced the launch of Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics – “the world’s first AI Copilot natively built-in to both CRM and ERP applications”.

This means that small businesses now have an amazing opportunity to benefit from the power of Microsoft’s industry-leading AI tools, helping to optimize their business processes and supercharge their business growth. This blog will highlight some of the best and most useful features offered by Copilot for Microsoft Dynamics.  

What exactly is Copilot?

Copilot brings together the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and natural language processing with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications – including the two Dynamics products offered by Bam Boom Cloud, Business Central and Sales Professional.   

Copilot enables organizations to automate more tasks than ever before, meaning employees can focus on other, more valuable tasks, and helping to increase overall business productivity. Copilot represents a new era for Dynamics, bringing this game changing AI technology to small business users as well as enterprise businesses.  

How is Copilot already used?

You may already be aware of the recent integration of AI capability into Microsoft Teams and Outlook. Teams Premium is now generally available and incorporates OpenAI’s GPT technology to make meetings and chats more intelligent, personalized, and protected.  

What new features will Copilot bring to Dynamics 

• Copilot can help streamline the creation of product listings for online commerce by using OpenAI’s GPT4 to auto-generate compelling product descriptions.

• Business Central customers using Shopify can seamlessly publish AI-generated products descriptions to their Shopify store in a few clicks.

• AI can help write email responses to customers and create an email summary of a teams meeting in Outlook, which can include relevant data from CRM such as product and pricing information.

• Copilot uses data insights from Business Central to help generate contextual marketing messaging that you can use as a base to edit from.

• Automation of repetitive tasks frees up system users’ time so they can focus on other tasks and help drive additional revenue.

• Copilot provides valuable data insights to aid financial forecasting and cash flow analysis. AI can also help anticipate potential business challenges, for example late payment predictions.

When are Copilot features coming to Business Central?

We are expecting Copilot features to be added to Business Central by the end of 2023. They are currently in public preview and you can view demos of some of the new features here.

Bam Boom Cloud’s CTO is super excited about the potential the latest AI developments offer for Business central, commenting: 

Despite all the innovations that Business Central has had over the years, sometimes you still can’t avoid data entry and its associated admin.

Things like item attributes or product descriptions have always needed that ‘human touch’ and historically have been difficult to automate or code solutions for. Microsoft Copilot looks to change that, with some really promising new features coming in future releases. The idea that we can use AI to automate some of these important but time-consuming admin tasks, is a really exciting one.  

What’s great too, is that Microsoft’s advancements in AI tech and the investments it has made in OpenAI, are coming to SMB products like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

We’ll be at sessions at the Directions North America conference next week where we investigate the potential of this technology even further, and we’ll share more information as soon as we have it.

Steve Brooks, Bam Boom Cloud

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