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Marketing Your Business With GDPR

By February 9, 2018August 2nd, 2018No Comments
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In a recent survey by the GDMA, 92.3% of businesses said they maintain databases full of information on customers or prospects. Is your business one of them?

If you use people’s contact details to send newsletters, advertising or however else you market your business, then there are some big changes on the way. As of 25th May 2018, the way you keep people’s data will be changing. And the changes are huge.

Here are just some of the areas you must address:

Opt in consent

Once you’ve got someone’s email address, whether it be a client or a prospect, you need to make sure that the person has opted in to receive your news and marketing? In the future, you’ll need to show evidence someone has said they want to receive this from you – whether that’s a tick box on your website or a quick form to fill out.

Right to be forgotten

We’ve all tried to remove ourselves form mailing lists, only to still receive emails from that same company in the future. It’s so frustrating. With GDPR, you’ll need a process in place for being able to delete people quickly. And you’ll need to be able to show your process during a potential audit.

Rights to use data and what for

Similar to opt in consent, but when you hold people’s data, you must to able to show what for. And where did you get it from? Buying data lists will shortly be a thing of the past.

Length data can be kept

You can’t keep people’s data forever either. In the future you’ll need policy documents outlining how long you’re going to keep data. This’ll need to be available and easily accessible for customers, clients and prospects too.


Don’t do what Wetherspoons did recently: where they deleted 700,000 customers from their mailing list as opposed to giving their marketing data a good clean through.

Instead, have a read through our website. Decide what you need to do next. And if you’ve got any questions, give us a call. We’re also running a two day course for business owners, marketers, financial directors and IT staff, so have a look at that too.

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