Understanding your best performing products


Finding Your Focus

It’s tricky when data is split between different systems. Purchasing and Inventory management over here, Sales and Finance over there and Manfacturing somewhere else. Opening and closing stock figures not giving you detail on variances and no product specific margins – Understanding your best performing products and where to put your focus can be difficult.


Bring It Together

Everyone working from the same set of data provides consistency across the business. From purchase, inventory management, through manufacturing to the sale, product costs are accurately tracked providing you a deeper understanding of your products.

Key Benefits

Significant reduction of manual work and possible data entry errors

Rapid budgeting, forecasting and planning

Transparency and traceability on the sales activities

Effective management of labor force, spaces, equipment and materials

Reduced new product time-to-market and accelerated time-to-profit

Improved supply chain efficiency

“Working with Cooper Parry IT has allowed us to take huge steps forward with our IT.”

Paul McKenzieABL Solutions

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