How Augmented Reality Can Increase Sales For Your Business

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Augmented Reality is one of those technologies that is hugely impressive, but is often seen as a ‘gimmick’.

We’re here to bust those myths and help explain how Augmented Reality Apps can work for your business to help transform your sales.

There are a myriad of ways AR can be used to help your business boost sales and interact with your brand.

When it comes to selling products, customer’s experience expectations are ever increasing.  The days of expecting sales by showing a photo on an e-commerce site or a single photo in a catalogue are long gone.

Stats show that 82% of customers will do research online, look at reviews, product videos and comparison sites before making purchases.* Forbes

So creating more in depth ways for them to experience your products without going in store is a vital part of the selling process, and Augmented Reality is hands down the best way to get your customers experiencing and interacting with your products.


Augmented Reality – in a nut shell is placing your products in a real world setting… but virtually!


So let’s say your are selling watches, by using an AR app users can point the camera of their phone or tablet at their wrist, and view 3D versions of your watch range on their wrist. This is then fixed and tracks your wrist, so you can move the camera round, rotate your wrist and the virtual product will move in real time as if you were really wearing it. With a simple one-click to buy button the user than hook into your e-commerce system and buy it on the spot.

Or let’s say you are in the furniture business, you can allow users to pick a sofa, configure the material and colours and then use AR to place it in their living room to truly visualise how it will look in real life.

Allowing customers to view and interact with your products in a real world setting is one of the best ways to get them to truly experience them, and create that ‘want it’ connection that drives that sale.

AR is bringing your products to life, virtually.

Ikea’s PLACE is the perfect example of this. You can see a demo below:


Print is another aspect of AR, this is all about expanding the print experience.

This can work by launching videos, 3D product popups or interactive content that is overlaid from brochures, print ads or even product packaging.

So you could have a configurable, rotatable product pop up in 3D from a photo in a catalogue, or you could turn a photo in your sports programme into a video.

The options are endless!

Interested in creating Augmented Reality Apps for your business?

Our team of designers and developers can model up your products, design and develop your own apps to help create a transformative new way of selling to your customers.

If you’d like to chat about how we can work together just get in touch or call us on 0121 573 0191

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