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If you have ever tried to organise a meeting at work between a group of colleagues you’ll know frustrating it can be. Coordinating multiple diaries can be an administrative nightmare.

The first challenge is agreeing a date when everyone is available. Bill’s free Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week but is then on holiday for two weeks. Jane can do Monday and Tuesday but not Wednesday and John is only free Thursday and Friday.

When a date has finally been agreed, choosing a suitable time is the next hurdle to overcome. Between avoiding diary clashes, accommodating dentist appointments and circumventing business lunches, it’s an almost impossible task. And after all the toing and froing and sifting through email responses, you have actually spent more time organising the meeting than the meeting itself will take.

Across the world millions of hours are lost every year carrying out the task of organising a meeting. If only there was an easier, more efficient way of doing it.

Well, now there is. “Huzzah!” we hear you cry.

Microsoft has launched a nifty free plug in for Outlook that helps relieve the burden and stress of scheduling meetings. The FindTime application compares calendars and suggests days and times that work best for those who are invited to attend the meeting.

The meeting organiser then selects suitable dates and times and the attendees are asked to vote on their preference. As soon as a consensus has been reached, FindTime automatically sends out a meeting invitation on your behalf and hey presto the meeting has been scheduled.

No more “I’m on holiday on that date” or “It’s my turn to do the school run so I need to leave early then”. Just sit back, relax and bask in the glory of having completed a task that used to take two hours in less than two minutes.

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