4% of turnover in fines

Comply by: 25/05/18

What’s it all about?

“Data”. It’s the word on the tip of everyone’s tongues; it keeps making front page news and very soon, could be the reason your business is fined a lot of money – up to 4% of your global turnover in fact.

Why? A new EU legislation called GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation, is coming in that means businesses like yours must be safer than ever with how you look after people’s information. This includes names, contact details, images and so on.

GDPR Explained PDF

Where we can help

We can help at all stages of compliance, from performing security and risk assessments in our Discover stage to the analysis of threat intelligence and user behaviour. We have the knowledge, resources and experience of working with businesses like yours to make sure your practices are GDPR compliant.


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Julien Chambon

GDPR Hero, Bam Boom Cloud