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Considering Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Let Bam Boom Cloud answer the questions you’re too afraid to ask!

By December 2, 2022No Comments
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Not just another FAQ about what the system can do, but honest answers to the big questions on your mind when considering a new finance system for your business.

We speak to execs from small businesses across the world every day, and we notice the same concerns cropping up time and time again. We’ve collated them into a new eBook where you can find out all the answers to questions including:

  • Is Business Central the right fit?
  • Will it cost more than I’m currently paying?
  • What about hidden costs and additional fees?
  • What about project delays?
  • Can a standardised implementation really work for my business?

Changing your business’s finance system is a big task for any CEO or Finance Director. We’ve all heard horror stories where project scope, timelines and budgets overrun. But it doesn’t have to be like this! At Bam Boom Cloud we do things differently and we want to help you understand how the right finance system can grow with your business, so a system change need only be a one-time thing.

  • If your frustrations with your current system are starting to outweigh its benefits, now is the time to start your research. We’d encourage you to look around our website and other blogs, which help highlight the signs you’re ready for a change and cover some of the business challenges a new system can address.
  • If you’ve decided that Business Central is the right solution for you (great decision!), next you need to find the right Microsoft Partner to implement it for you. Not all partners are created equal – and this is where the bigger questions arise – the ones we cover in detail in our new eBook.

Start Small

Bam Boom Cloud’s approach is designed specifically for small businesses, and we advocate for starting small with just the system basics, adding extra functionality as your business grows. There should rarely be any need for scoping or complex development if you are a small business, no matter what industry you are in. Read the eBook for the full details about the benefits of Business Central’s scalability and the advantages of our standardised implementation method. You can also take our Quiz to check if you’re a good fit for our Kickstart implementation which can get a small Business up and running on Business Central in as little as one week.

Money, Money, Money

We don’t skirt around questions about money. In today’s economy we understand that the financial justification for a new finance system needs to be rock solid, which is why we are upfront about our pricing and fees. There are no hidden costs or additional fees later down the line.

The right software can also save you money in the long run as well as supporting growth, by creating efficiencies throughout your business. A recent Microsoft study proved that small businesses that embrace technology grow faster, and investing in the right technology is one way of protecting your business in times of economic crisis.

Don’t Delay

Project delays and business disruption are other completely understandable concerns – your accounting system is the core of your business and there is never a good time to make a system switch. With more than 500 implementations under our belts we know how to avoid the common causes of project overruns, and we have proven processes in place to make the change as smooth as possible. We’re so confident in our implementation method that we’ve shared the stats on the % of projects that met their planned go-live date in the eBook!

And finally, a question we are asked more often than you’d think… is the Bam Boom Cloud approach too good to be true? Check out the eBook to find out the answer!