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Cloud App Security just got better

By February 5, 2018September 3rd, 2020No Comments

Microsoft are seeing a notable shift in the approach to threat detection and protection: moving from a technology-driven, product-focused approach to a use-case driven approach. These teams define their pain points carefully and invest in solutions that address these key needs.

As we all know, the more visibility you gain into your user’s activities, the better control you have. To this extent, we constantly innovate to provide better visibility, control, and protection to your cloud apps.


What are the new enhancements from Microsoft?

Microsoft re-designed the threat protection and anomaly detection engine in Microsoft Cloud App Security and Office 365 Cloud App Security, leveraging knowledge from Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Graph.

Cloud App Security now helps detect the most sophisticated threats in your cloud apps faster. In addition, it allows us to expose more data from our detection engine, to help you speed up the investigation process and contain ongoing threats.


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