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Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing

Discover the pricing for licencing, implementation and support options.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central FAQs

You asked for it, you got it

We make our pricing as clear as possible, and this is Bam Boom Cloud’s philosophy across our organisation.

This page will run you through a general idea of what the system will cost. We have a traditional packs option, or a monthly subscription option.

If you want more detailed pricing, just complete our Before We Meet Form as the next step, so that we better understand your specific business needs and make sure we are getting you as close as possible to the exact price.

Pick your packs or choose a subscription


Our traditional packs implementation lets you pick the exact features you need now, and our expert consultants help setup the system for you.

With clear pricing, you know exactly what you’re paying with our fixed cost, fixed scope implementation. And if you opt for the KickStart™ pack, we can even have you up and running in as little as a week.



If you’re looking for a simpler way to move to Business Central, our new Launchpad™ self-guided subscription implementation could be for you.

With no upfront costs, and just a simple monthly subscription, you can get setup and up and running at your own pace.


Our packs pricing model in 3 easy steps



These are Microsoft cloud-based licenses for a monthly fee to give each member of your team access to the system.


KickStart™ is our unique package that gives you the essential features you need to get up and running with D365 Business Central.


Our support packs ensure your team is fully trained and has the resources they need to ask questions. Ensuring you use the solution to it’s full potential.

Step 1  licenses

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based solution. All updates are included in the monthly cost of the license. There are two major releases every year with continuous improvements being added to the system.

We offer two different licensing types depending on the user’s requirements and responsibilities.

Full user license

The Essentials license is a named subscription user license and gives the user full access to the essential application areas within Business Central, including:

• Financial Management
• Sales & Relationship Management
• Vendor & Supply Chain Management
• Inventory Management
• Assembly Management
• Warehouse Management
• Project Management

£52.79 per user, per month

Team member license

The Team Member license is a named subscription user license, typically assigned to someone who only needs to perform light tasks. The user restricted access to perform specific functions within Business Central, including:

• Full read-only access
• Update existing data which has already been created – such as customers, vendors or items
• Approve / reject workflow approvals, e.g. purchase order approval
• Create / edit / delete purchase and sales quotes
• Enter time sheets against jobs

£6 per user, per month

Example of a typical organisation

• 3 Essential licences (Head of Accounting department, AR/AP clerk, Head of Sales)
• 2 Team licenses (Head of Operations, President)

£170.37 a month

Step 2  implementation

Our KickStart™ implementation pack has been designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible for companies who are looking for a fresh start on Dynamics 365 Business Central.

We are big believers in starting small and learning the system before adding all the “nice to have” extra features, just because the system can do it, doesn’t mean you need it.

By starting with the basics, this will enable you to get on a system that can grow with your business, but with a lower risk and lower cost.

This pack includes:

• Tenant setup  • Module configuration   Data imports   Remote training   Project management

Example of a typical organisation:

£7,000 spread over 3 months

In addition to KickStart™, we also offer a range of 18 different packs that focus on different features and functionality.

These can be added to your system any time after you go live, so you can expand your system as your business grows. Want to find out more? Get in touch and our team will be happy to chat over the options with you.



Our starter pack includes a 30% discount on the Starter, Purchase & Sales packs.


KickStart includes our 3 main starter packs.

Starter: The essential features for getting a single trading company setup with Business Central.

  • General Ledger
  • Banking 
  • Tax
  • Multi-currency
  • + more

Purchase: The essentials for a basic purchase ledgers.

  • Vendors
  • Purchase ledger
  • Purchase orders
  • Accounts payable
  • + more

Sales: The essentials for a basic sales ledger.

  • Customers
  • Sales ledger
  • Sales orders
  • Accounts receivable
  • + more




Multi-Company, Intercompany, Consolidation


The Starter+ pack builds on the Starter pack and allows for the setup of any additional companies alongside any intercompany and consolidation requirements.  

Requires: Starter 

  • Setup of up to 9 Companies (Conditions Apply) 
  • Consolidation of Multiple Companies into 1 Company 
  • Consolidation Chart of Accounts 
  • Consolidation of Multiple Currencies 
  • Consolidation of Multiple Chart of Accounts (G/L Account Mapping) 
  • Consolidation of Reporting Dimensions (Value Mapping) 
  • Intercompany Transactions 
  • Intercompany General Journals (Automatic or Manual) 
  • Intercompany Chart of Accounts (G/L Account Mapping) 
  • Intercompany Dimensions (Value Mapping) 




Purchase Invoice OCR Automation


The Purchase+ pack adds OCR automation of Purchase Documents via the Continia Document Capture app. See a demonstration. Additional license fees apply.

See here for modules and features and license pricing.

  • Award-Winning OCR Recognition
  • Header and Line Recognition
  • Automated Matching of Orders / Receipts / Return Orders / Return Shipments
  • End-to-End Approval Workflow via the Continia Web Approval Portal




Inventory Management, Sales Prices, GRNI


The Stock pack includes all the essential features needed to handle the sale and purchase of inventory.  

  • Item Master Data (up to 10,000 records imported)
  • Item Opening Balances 
  • Item Costing Methods (Standard, FIFO, Average) 
  • Item Categories 
  • Item VAT/Tax Setup 
  • Item Tariff/Commodity Codes 
  • Custom Item Attributes 
  • Specific Customer or Customer Price Group Item Prices 
  • Specific Customer or Customer Price Group Item Discounts 
  • Standard Cost Roll-Up 
  • Inventory Integration with the G/L (Inventory, GRNI, Sales, Cost of Sales) 
  • GRNI Accruals and Cost of Sales Transactions 
  • Inventory Periods 
  • Item Journals/Adjustments 
  • General Ledger Stock Transactions 
  • Inventory Availability View on Sales Documents 
  • Item Charges (Attribute Additional Inventory Costs, e.g. Shipping/Tax)




Locations, Bins, Stocktake, Transfer Orders, Serial and Lot Tracking


The Stock+ pack builds on the Stock pack and adds more complex stock features like locations, bins, tracking and reservations.

Requires: Stock

• Multiple Stock Locations
• Bins within Stock Locations
• Direct Location to Location Transfers
• Definable Lead Times Between Locations
• Drop Shipments and Special Orders (Back-To-Back)
• Transfer Order Processing (Location to In-Transit to Location)
• Serial & Lot Tracking
• End-to-End Warehouse Tracking by Serial / Lot
• Expiration and Warranty Dates
• Physical Inventory Counts (Stocktake / Cycle Counting)
• Item Reclassification Journals (Bin Moves / Lot and Serial Changes)
• Multiple Units of Measure (For Sales and Purchase Documents / Pricing)
• Reserve Demand to Supply for Items
• Reserve Against Physical Stock
• Reserve Against Inbound Purchase / Transfer / Production / Assembly orders




Employee Expenses via Integrated Apps


The Expenses pack is the implementation of one of our recommended Business Central expense apps, Continia Expense Management 365 or  Zetadocs Expenses, delivered by Bam Boom Cloud.

Requires: Purchase pack.



Step 3  Support

Our support team is here to answer any of your Business Central questions, and to help you make the most of your new system.

Support is mandatory for the first year, but then we offer different levels depending on your specific needs.


• 1-3 full users
• 2 support caller
• Unlimited break/fix calls
• Annual business review

£275 a month


• 3-10 full users
• 3 support callers
• Unlimited break/fix and how-to calls
• 1 day of free consulting/training
• 5% discount on adhoc consulting hours
• Bi-annual business reviews

£475 a month


• 10-20 full users
• 4 support callers
• Unlimited break/fix and how-to calls
• 2 days of free consulting/training
• 10% discount on adhoc consulting hours
• Quarterly business reviews

£775 a month


Extensions for life! All the above support packages with us include Additional Fields & Pages, Extended Reports, Copy Company Setup, Opening Balances, Statement Imports, Journal Imports and Auto Billing.

Example of a typical organisation

£475 a month

Total budget for a typical organisation

£770.37 a month

One time fee: £7,000 spread over 3 months