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Better Together

By June 25, 2021July 13th, 2022No Comments
Business Central and Microsoft apps - Better Together.

Better Together in the Microsoft Ecosystem.

Many organisations, especially SMBs, continually fall prey to repeating IT and technology mistakes as they grow and evolve – often not recognising their own challenges and reasons for replacing technology.

There are several common pain points SMBs raise with us, including siloed data and disconnected systems that lead to spaghetti-like integration that is difficult to manage, and an inability to accurately report data.  

Historically, all finance and ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions suffered the same fate – separate data sources, isolated from other business productivity and line of business systems – and I include Microsoft ERP platforms in this.

But then it changed.

With the launch of Dynamics 365 Business Central, that’s all changed – the Microsoft Stack story has never been truer and Dynamics 365 Business Central is now embedded into the Microsoft ecosystem of tools. It lives in Outlook, Teams and Excel; it uses the same user authentication (Active directory); it lives on the same Azure cloud.

Never has Better Together been more impactful. 

Better Together is not just about investing in a technology platform because it carries the same vendor.  Many vendors claim to have seamless upgrades, cloud, and fully integrated platforms but when you lift the hood, it is not the case.

Often these platforms are inherited on an acquisition trail and carry the legacy of being built upon on foundations of varying technologies adapted by ever-changing development team priorities. Five years ago, Microsoft rationalised its estate and bet big and it’s now that the bet is really showing it’s success in the shape of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

So what does Better Together mean?

Better Together means not only a fully cloud based solution, but also one that lives on the same underlying infrastructure.

One that is secured using the same standard tooling used across not just business applications, but also business productivity. One that protects using two factor authentication and is built natively on the Microsoft cloud architecture. Like Office 365 it is tried, tested and evergreen. No more version lock, no more virtual desktop to paper over the lack of cloud technology. 

Say hello to finance solutions.

Better together now adds a new strand – finance solutions. To some extent this will always be the same– two plus two must equal four in the world of accountancy, but the areas where the difference is most apparent is in AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive services.

This represents the democratisation of these technologies to SMB organisations. Microsoft has baked-in this technology to have real visible use for SMBs, for example using cognitive services to read and understand inbound e-mail or to help guide and support a user to seamlessly process quotes and orders. This is not just because of Microsoft’s capability as an ERP or accountancy platform provider – it is because of technology built by a hyper-scale global cloud provider leveraging technology with billions of users – platforms such as Skype, Xbox and Office 365 – that’s better together v2.0. 


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