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Bam Boom Cloud receive the Microsoft Small & Midsize Business Management Advanced Specialization

By September 16, 2021July 13th, 2022No Comments
Bam Boom Cloud achieve the Microsoft Small and midsize business management advanced specialization

We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Small & Midsize Business Management Advanced Specialization by Microsoft.


What is the ‘Microsoft Small & Midsize Business Management Advanced Specialization’?

As more companies modernise their business and move to the cloud, powering their businesses, connecting their customers, products, people and operations with tools like Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sales Professional and M365, Microsoft wanted to help better differentiate partners that you can trust to deliver the full SMB cloud package for your business.

So Microsoft have recently started offering a new competency and two new advanced specializations that partners can earn to highlight their capabilities around Microsoft Business Applications.

This specialization is designed specifically for partners who are serving the small and medium-sized business cloud applications market.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means that we’ve been recognized by Microsoft as one of the leading global businesses dedicated to helping Small & Medium Businesses transform and grow their businesses with the latest Microsoft cloud technology.

It means we go above and beyond, and ultimately, you can have ultimate faith that our team are some of the best in the business… as approved by Microsoft themselves.

How do you qualify for this advanced specialization?

To qualify, a partner needs to have obtained a Gold Business Applications competency, and demonstrate their skillset of implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central. You also need to pass several Business Central Consultant certifications, demonstrate your focus of helping SMBs grow and transform their business with cloud solutions and offer Business Central services through Microsoft AppSource.

This is a fantastic accolade that validates the ‘why’ of our business at Bam Boom Cloud – we are passionate about the SMB sector and making Microsoft Cloud Technology available to all.

To be recognized by Microsoft as a specialist in our field gives our customers confidence and is testament to the incredible work our team does, constantly innovating new ways of delivering Microsoft Dynamics 365 that are tailored to the needs of SMBs.

Vicky Critchley, Bam Boom Cloud CEO

Being part of the very small subset of partners capable of committing the resources to invest in people, learning and customer satisfaction to meet Microsoft Small & Midsize Business Management Advanced Specialization is a huge accolade – it’s not an award based on selling the most or hitting revenue targets – it’s a skill and satisfaction based award providing the ultimate stamp of approval and credibility from Microsoft and our customers.

Rob Pope, Bam Boom Cloud Chief Commercial Officer

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