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Are you ready for the launch?

By February 17, 2023No Comments
Are you ready for the Launch image

Tuesday was a big day for us – after many months in the making, we finally announced Launchpad – a new self-guided implementation and monthly subscription for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that makes it even easier for small businesses to access and afford the very best Microsoft cloud technology.

We sat down for a chat with Bam Boom Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Brooks, who’s been working on Launchpad since its very inception, to find out more.

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a monthly Business Central subscription, with clear pricing that takes away the upfront costs normally associated with Business Central implementations.

Launchpad is a first-of its-kind in the Business Central (BC) world. It’s an entirely self-guided, online implementation, where a user can sign up to a Business Central subscription with Bam Boom Cloud’s unique IP loaded up in the background, and then take themselves through the onboarding experience. All supported by content developed from our years of expertise implementing BC for small businesses.

The implementation incorporates wizards, checklists and guidance throughout and, crucially, includes new step by step videos and an entirely new knowledge base. Launchpad also has a revolutionary front-end that can take users through to the point at which they can go live without the costs normally associated with a business central implementation.

How did the idea for Launchpad come about?

We’ve always been focused on innovation and making cloud technology accessible to small businesses. We started several years ago with our move from scoped to fixed-price implementations, and we’ve gone on to have great success with our award-winning packaged offerings. Launchpad is the next step in that journey, where we bring BC to an even wider section of small businesses.

For small businesses, BC can sometimes seem overwhelming in its functionality and complexity, so the guidance and support available throughout the Launchpad implementation process will create a great user experience for customers.

How is Launchpad different from traditional methods of implementing Business Central?

There’s a very wide definition of what a traditional Business Central implementation looks like. For Bam Boom Cloud, traditional is our pack-led approach, whereas for other partners it may be scope-led workshops and lengthy requirements documents.

We’ve felt for a long time that even though we offer fixed-price, fixed-scope solutions, cost is still a barrier to entry for some businesses. Companies who are used to paying a few hundred dollars a month for their current system can end up facing a bill for over $10,000 for a Business Central implementation.

Add to that the fact that you need to work to a partner’s implementation timescales and take time away from your business to deploy a new system, it’s not always feasible for some small business customers to make the move from their entry-level system to a system like Business Central.

With Launchpad, what we definitely didn’t want to do was just throw customers into Business Central with no support. So, the real revolution comes in the fact that we’ve distilled our many years of expertise into this self-guided implementation while still providing access to direct consultant support at the right stages of the process.

So, how does it work?

The best place to start is by taking the quiz on the Launchpad website to find out if your business is a good fit. There are 3 subscription types available Launchpad, each designed for different business sizes and needs.

Choose the package that best fits your business and buy online, along with the BC licenses you require. Once you’ve signed up, start by following the self-guided implementation and checklist for success. There are plenty of training videos and tips and tricks to help you get comfortable using your new system.

And don’t worry, you’re not completely on your own! You will have access to our Digital Consultants who will show you how to optimise the system to work better for your business.

What sort of customers is Launchpad aimed at?

Primarily small businesses who have outgrown their existing accounting system. Most commonly because it lacks in key features or because they want to move to the cloud. One of the most compelling reasons to move to BC is its ability to scale. Whether you’re a half a million-, or a half a billion-turnover business, BC can be a good fit for you.

There’s tight integration across the Microsoft ecosystem and you can access BC anytime, from anywhere, on any device. BC is a finance system that can grow with your business, so we really do think it’s the last accounting system you’ll ever need!

It’s always been this simple to buy other accounting software online – why has it taken so long for Business Central to catch up?

It comes back to that traditional model, and the product itself. As you increase the capability of a finance system, you also increase the complexity to deploy it. The challenge is simplifying the deployment to the point where a small business can do it itself while maintaining the functionality that makes it worthwhile to deploy this kind of system. That’s what we’ve done with Launchpad.

What are you most excited about for Launchpad?

I’m excited for the first customers to start experiencing what we’ve all been working so hard on for the last few months. I’m excited to offer a more targeted onboarding experience that enables customers to go live faster, and on their own timescales. And this isn’t just all about onboarding – our support portal and our consulting team are best in class, and we hope to work with Launchpad customers for years to come, helping their businesses grow!

And finally, what’s next?

This is just the start for Launchpad. There’s extra functionality we want to include, more guidance and knowledge hub content we want to give to our customers, and we’re also super excited to work with partners and show them what Launchpad can mean for them as well.

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