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5 things a CFO can do with Business Central No. 3 - Collaboration

We’re back with week 3 of our Top 5 things a CFO can do with Business Central!

Hump day in our 5 things series! This week we’re looking at how Business Central forms part of a much bigger offering – the Microsoft ecosystem.

Another thing we see a lot in the finance team is lack of collaboration. There are some key documents like management reporting, that are often saved in a network drive. Then, when anyone else wants to take a look at them, they’re locked for editing by other users.

Now a lot of what I’ll show you here is not just Business Central – we’re making the most of Teams and Microsoft 365 as well. But your partner will be able to hook you up with those products if they haven’t already, and then tight Teams integration is immediately possible – as well as Dynamics 365 Sales or Sales Professional, if you’re using those.

Let’s take a look:

So we can see here that once you’ve generated the management accounts, you can collaborate on them in several ways. First, we see Michael in accounting put the management accounts into Teams. Now I didn’t show these being generated but there are some neat ISV solutions for making these into a live report in Excel.

He tags in Sarah Spencer, the CFO. She comments on the file and then also tags in Steve Brooks – a guest to the team – this could be your external accountants or auditors.

The external guest can comment and work on the document at the same time as Sarah, all while the document sits in Teams – secure, and live.

If you’re not working like this already across your teams, both within the business and with external users, consider whether this could fit in for your processes.

The real value to me for this has become clear during the pandemic. What was useful before has now become very important – reporting requirements for auditors and company filing haven’t gone away, so the ability to work with your advisers on these is critical.

Come back next week when we’ll be taking a look at reporting within Business Central.

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